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Numicon is so much fun!


In numeracy we did some adding today! The visual representations of the numbers make it so much fun especially with all the different colours!


Safari numbers


We took our newly made binoculars and off we went in search of all the animals around school. Each animal had a different number on them, so we enjoyed finding them all and putting them in the correct order.


Another day, more numbers!


We spent more time today securing our knowledge of how Numicon works. We enjoyed ordering them and counting using our fingers through the holes. 

Now the work starts!


So today we got down to business. We spent time 1:1 with staff looking at matching the numeral with the piece, ordering and getting to know this new concept. 


Exploring numicon


Today is the first time that any of us have ever seen numicon.


Numicon is "based on a concrete - pictorial - abstract approach that encourages children to explore maths using structured imagery and apparatus in order to understand and explain mathematical concepts."


BUT today was all about exploring!!! We had races to find different pieces, shouted out different colours and made houses and pictures.!


Spring Term 2: Africa

Numeracy - Number recognition, sequencing, position and direction, handling data, mass and capacity, money, time and calculations



The ambulance was out today around the corridors of Millstead School! We used all new our knowledge of positional language to safely drive around the corridors, making sure everyone was ok. We travelled to different rooms and collected bones that we found on our route!



How do we get to the park?


To secure our knowledge of positional language we took our staff to the park this morning! Lizzie was at the front of the line and we had to tell her which way to go using the different arrows! We were all very chatty as we couldn't wait to get there and play on the swings together :)

Oh No! The patient needs to see the doctor!


Today we played a game where we had to move the patient across the board to get them to the doctors. We had to be careful that we didn't bump into the ambulances and get her their safely.


We used the commands of forward, backward, left and right. We even stopped playing with staff and played it with our friends. :)

Positions and directions


This week we are looking at positions, positional language and giving and receiving directions. What a lovely way to start this topic at SWIMMING!!! We took it in turns to swim in different directions when staff gave us orders!



Filling up that Army bag to make it 'heavy'!


After another activity of using hoops to separate heavy objects with light, we secured our knowledge even further by filling and emptying our army bag while travelling around the school. We loved making the bag really heavy and showing all our friends how strong we are :)

Shape, space and measure in Chestnut Class


For the next two weeks we are going to look at shape, space and measure. We hope by the end of this topic we will be able to sort objects into heavy and light, order objects according to their mass and even follow instructions involving the correct terminology e.g. full, half full, empty.


You wouldn't believe what Lizzie told us, she said that during our numeracy sessions we will get to bake cakes! We couldn't believe that numeracy could be so fun!

First job... What is heavy and what is light?! Lets check the bag!

Number recognition  


This week in numeracy we have been using the 100 number square to recognise and match our numbers. We had fun racing our friends to see who could recognise different numbers first, even some really high ones! 

Back in routine  


In The first week back has been spent getting back into our new routine for the year ahead. We have started by looking at the days of the week and the months of the year. We think the Christmas elf stole the Thursday during the Christmas holidays but luckily our clever staff made a replacement while we finished our work! 

We enjoyed singing the days of the week song while we put them in order.


Spring Term 1: Superheros

NumeracyNumber recognition, sequencing, position and direction, handling data, mass and capacity, money, time and calculations


Block patterns



In numeracy this week we have been looking at sequencing. What better way to help with forming a sequence and pattern than to use edible items!!


Chestnut class loved exploring the fruit and following the different sequences to make their own skewers.. they even got to eat them at the end!!

Exploring everyday 3D shapes

Train drivers - Heavy and Light


What better way to learn all about heavy and light than to help the train driver pack his suitcases for his holiday. We weighed different bags and were able to tell the difference. We even used some scales and could weigh some bags in KGs.


We had so much fun wearing our uniforms and helping everyone with their bags!