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Numeracy Activities Summer 2 2017


We have been learning about shapes this term. This has involved the children exploring different shapes in a variety of contexts such as shape sorting toys, drawing shapes in sensory materials and shape programmes on the IWB. We have also been exploring the concept of one and lots and have been learning about this using toys, sweets and toy food. The children have also been practicing their counting when using toys and playing games in class. They have shown real progress in this area!

Numeracy Activities Summer 2 2017

Numeracy Activities Summer 1 2017

Our new topic is 'Down at the Bottom of the Garden' so all of our numeracy activities have been based around this theme. We have been practicing following a sequence when counting and copying an adult holding up 1 and 2 fingers. We have been practicing this in a variety of ways, such as making caterpillar fingerprints, throwing bean bags at number targets and fishing for ducks. Have a look at our photographs to see us working very hard during these activities.

Spring 2 Numeracy Activities

So far this term we have been practicing our number skills whilst listening to the '5 cheeky monkeys' number rhyme. Some of us have been learning how to order numerals whilst others have been indicating what the next action in the rhyme is (removing a monkey each time one is counted down).  We have also been working on our problem solving skills by finding matching pairs, we have been practicing this is a range of contexts, such as matching animal patterns, playing bear bingo, matching socks on a washing line and matching zip up animals. We have also been learning about patterns and have been using animal prints such as tiger and zebra stripes and giraffe and leopard spots as a basis to join in with and re-create simple patterns.