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Children to find the different shapes hidden and match them to the correct place on the planet. 

Children given the correct amount of sticks needed to make the shapes shown and place the sticks over the template to make the correct shape.

Using the shape sorter the children were given one shape at a time and were encouraged to independently put the shape into the correct space.

Big and Small

Children to build with blocks when given 2 first then given them 5 to see if they are able to build with more than 2 at once. 

Children shown big and small visuals alongside listening to the big or small maths song .

Two of the same object one big and one small then getting the children to sort them into piles of big and small alongside the visuals.

Adult to model pouring the water into different containers and using language such as "full, empty, pour". Then can children transfer the skill learnt.

Children to have 5 of the same food but all different sizes, start off with smallest to biggest and children to order them correctly in size order. 

Notice big and small objects around school and the classroom.

Children to match the correct sized shapes on the board.