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Spring Term 1 - 'Animal Boogie'.


This term we will be looking at number, using and applying and shape, space and measure. 

In numeracy this week we have been exploring different coins at our Christmas sweet shop. The boys took it in turns to come over and pay for different treats by putting the coins in the till. 
Autumn Term 2 - 'The Jolly Postman'.
We will be very busy this term. Our classroom will be turned into a post office to help the postman sort and deliver his letters.

We will be using money to sell stamps and boxes, we will be using measurements to check how long/ short different parcels are and knowing our shapes will help to see if the parcels will fit in the letter boxes!

Autumn Term 1 - 'Who put the colours in the rainbow?'.
We have been concentrating on our number recognition this week. We have been making our own monsters by rolling a dice!