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Summer Term 2- Let's move!


This term we will be exploring our bodies, getting fit for the summer and none stop moving! We are so excited for this term - let's hope the sun shines bright for us and we can learn to enjoy exercise and keeping fit.

In numeracy we are focusing on number. This is perfect for us to keep score of our goals, time ourselves and to combine points during competitions!



Summer Term 1 - All around the world. 


This term we will be travelling all around the world!! We are so excited for this term - let's hope the sun shines bright for us on our adventure! 


In Numeracy we will be looking at shape, time and number. 

Spring Term 2 - Time 


This term we will be looking at clocks and telling the time. We each have our own clocks and will be exploring day and night and daily routines.


Adam was on the hunt to find some hearts. He followed the directions and was able to find the hearts around school!

The Valentines themed lessons have moved into numeracy this week! The boys have been practicing following directions and this time, it is to find hearts!!



Rowan Class has been transformed into a giant board games!!!


The boys loved navigating themselves around the board trying to collect all the animals to safely take them back to the farm :)

The boys had to find the correct peg for each of the different animals. They all were able to complete this task independently. 

Spring Term 1 - 'Animal Boogie'.


This term we will be looking at directions - up, down, left, right, forward and back. 

In numeracy this week we have been exploring different coins at our Christmas sweet shop. The boys took it in turns to come over and pay for different treats by putting the coins in the till. 
Autumn Term 2 - 'The Jolly Postman'.
We will be very busy this term. Our classroom will be turned into a post office to help the postman sort and deliver his letters.

We will be using money to sell stamps and boxes, we will be using measurements to check how long/ short different parcels are and knowing our shapes will help to see if the parcels will fit in the letter boxes!

Autumn Term 1 - 'Who put the colours in the rainbow?'.
We have been concentrating on our number recognition this week. We have been making our own monsters by rolling a dice!