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Our music sessions are lots of fun!  During the sessions the children work on choice making skills - choosing which instruments they would like to play, communication skills - telling an adult if they want a musical game to carry on ("More") or stop ("Finished") and physical skills - reaching out or making movements to make sounds with instruments. 


We use consistent games and songs to allow children time to learn what is expected and build on skills each week. Below are some of the songs and games we play that you could try at home. If you haven't got instruments at home, let us know and we will send some home to try!


Can you play your instrument (To the tune of Mary had a little lamb)

(Use any instrument, play the way the song says.  Look for your child making the correct actions to make sounds on their instrument or needing less support.  Ask your child how they would like to play - Loud, quiet, fast or slow - and look for a positive response to any of the choices)


Can you play your instrument loud?

Instrument loud

Instrument loud

Can you play your instrument loud?

Play it loud for me

(Repeat for quiet, fast and slow)



Shake and stop

(Use a shaker, shake and stop along to the song.  When you have stopped, you can wait for your child to show they want more in their own way e.g. by smiling or vocalising, looking at the "More" symbol or y shaking the shaker themselves)


We're going to shake shake shake shake and stop


(All of the children in class LOVE this one so you might have to repeat it a lot!!!)



This is the way we ....... (to the tune of Here we go round the Mulberry bush)

Join in with the actions, look for your child trying to make the actions themselves when you reduce support, offer different actions and look for a positive response to the choices)


This is the way we shake the bells

Shake the bells

Shake the bells

This is the way we shake the bells

All day long

(shake the shaker, bang the drum, clap our hands, tap our knees, stamp our feet)


We hope you enjoy trying some of these at home!