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Have lots of fun with this music session, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have instruments, find whatever you can around the house to make a noise with. You could even incorporate some of the songs you know your child loves into it to keep them really engaged throughout.

Asking for more: Pause the movements during the song, encourage your child to either show that they want you to continue (vocalising, using the more symbol, making eye contact) If they do this say “You want more”, show them the more symbol and carry on the movement.


Making independent movements: Stop supporting your child to make the movements. Encourage your child to make the movement themselves.


Showing signs of anticipation: During the song, stop, wait for a few seconds and then give your child a prompt (tap on the body part you are going to touch or count 1,2,3 or make the signs for more with your child’s hands) look for signs that your child knows that you are going to continue.


Have fun with your child and the family.  Everyone can join in with this session and have a fun boogie!


See Individual Learning Plans for individualised activities to work towards targets


  1. Sing the Hello song (Mr Tumble)


Hello hello how are you.

Hello Hello it’s good to see you ,

I say Hello I’m happy that you came

I say hello, please tell me please tell me, please tell me your name.


2. The Action Song- Baby Club. Support your child with actions.


3. Shake and Stop ‘we’re going to shake and shake and shake and shake and STOP!’- repeat a few times, does your child start to anticipate the STOP.


4. Tap your sticks- Hap Palmer- Baby Songs- support your child to hold onto stick/s and make movements.


5. All Join In- Give out instruments giving choice where appropriate


……… plays the ………, it makes a lovely sound

……… plays the ………, it makes a lovely sound

……… plays the ………, it makes a lovely sound

But very best of all is when we all join in,

All join in, all join in,

Very best of all is when we all join in,

All join in, all join in,

Very best of all is when we all join in.


6. Play it Right- Kindy Rock- instrument song


7. Musical interaction 1:1 turn taking and intensive interaction- Sweet Dreams (goodnight song)

Instruments if you have any

Anything that makes a noise! Keys, rice or pasta in a bottle, chains, cereal boxes, pots and pans, etc.

Access to youtube for the songs



CBeebies: Something Special - Hello Song

The Action Song | The Baby Club

Play it Right. Best Instrument Song for Preschoolers from kindyRock

Tap Your Sticks - Hap Palmer - Baby Songs

Sweet Dreams (Goodnight Song) | Super Simple Songs