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For this session, please use the following link: 


You will need the login details provided in the charanga email and to login via the YUMU section. The songs that you will need in this are shown in the planning section below.

Session Outline:

Greeting Song: Everybody Say Hello (SEND > SEND Scheme > Unit 2 > Greeting)
Listen to the song. Wave to your child and say ‘welcome to music’. Give them time and see if they will greet you back. Insert your child’s name into the song at the correct point.


Co-ordination: See What I Can Do (SEND > SEND Scheme > Unit 2 > Co-Ordination)
Follow the song: Wiggle, Shake, Stretch,


Solo Time: (SEND > SEND Scheme > Unit 2 > Solo Time) Play the ‘Step Up’ Song at the bottom.
Each child to have either:
a small drum and a beater or
a saucepan and wooden spoon.

Your child needs to bang their drum to make sounds using their hands or a beater/ spoon. Adult to copy bangs made by your child. Adult also to bang the drum and see if your child will copy you. 


Shake and Stop (this part is not on Charanga)
Each child to have either:
A shaker (or other Shama leaders instrument) or
Empty bottle filled with either dried rice, dried pasta, dried lentils etc.

Adult to say:
‘We’re gonna shake, shake, shake, shake and stop’.
During the ‘shake’ part, your child needs to hold their shaker and then shake it. When you get to ‘stop’, encourage them to stop shaking.
Repeat x 3.

Goodbye Song: It’s Time to Say Goodbye (SEND > SEND Scheme > Unit 2 > Goodbye)
Children to listen to song. Encourage them to wave goodbye. Insert your child’s name into the song at the correct point.