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Spring Term 1 - 'Animal Boogie'.


This term we have changed some of the songs. Click on the links below to have a look at our new songs. Why don't you have a sing and dance at home!


Animal actions:
If animals could dance:

During our daily music session we follow our visual timetable below. We complete the 3 different songs relating to our "who put the colours in the rainbow?" topic and enjoy singing and dancing along to each song.


Song number 1: Tap your sticks in the air. We use two sticks and follow the routine from the video.


Song number 2: It's a rainbow. We follow the routine for the video below and we all love it!

It's a Rainbow.mp4

Still image for this video

Song number 3: If you are wearing red tap your head. You have to follow all the movements of each colour. All the boys love turning around at the end.

Above are the equipment we use for each of the songs. See what you can find or make at home? Please send us pictures :)