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Movement to Music

This approach was adapted from the idea of Tac Time. Instead of a sensory stimulus, each piece of music has an associated movement. These sessions are consistent to enable children to build on skills and become familiar with the structure of the session. Although this is a physical session, children’s communication and understanding is also a focus. Adults use body part symbols and names to communicate with children about the part of their body that is being moved and “more” and “finished” symbols are used throughout the session to show children what is happening. For some children where the focus is not on movement, they are learning to make choices about which part of their body is moved using symbols.


Below are the songs and movements for you to try at home


1. Everybody get up – Move arms up and down

2. These boots are made for walking – Feet stamping on the floor

3. Let’s get physical – Move arms up and down alternating right and left

4. I like to move it move it – Move knees up and down alternating right and left

5. Twist and shout – Moving, twisting or rocking hips (if appropriate for your child)

6. Rolling in the deep – Roll from side to side in lying position (if appropriate for your child)

7. Chasing cars – Lay and have quiet time and 1:1 interaction