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Movement to Music


This session is best done with your child out of their chair on the floor or their bed.  As with Tac Time, play the songs in order.  Do the actions below during each song.  Again you can develop different things in this session.

Asking for more: Pause the movements during the song, encourage your child to either show that they want you to continue (vocalising, using the more symbol, making eye contact) If they do this say “You want more”, show them the more symbol and carry on the movement.


Making independent movements: Stop supporting your child to make the movements. Encourage your child to make the movement themselves.


Showing signs of anticipation: During the song, stop the movements, wait for a few seconds and then give your child a prompt (tap on the body part you are going to touch or count 1,2,3 or make the signs for more with your child’s hands) look for signs that your child knows that you are going to continue.


Relaxing more than usual to let you support the movements.  You could use the word “relax” with your child when they do this.


Have fun with your child and the family.  Everyone can join in with this session and have a fun boogie!



What to do

Body Boogie

Tap and shake each body part to the lyrics

The Grand old Duke of York

Stamping feet 1 at a time

Proud Mary

Rolling from side to side

Radio Gaga

Clapping hands

Reach for the stars

Reach arms up and down

Twinkle Twinkle

Spend quiet time with your child

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