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Movement to Music

Session Outline:

  1. The Grand Old Duke of York - Standing from sitting.
  • Sit your child in front of you on a chair/ bench.
  • Encourage them to stand up, hold the stand for a few seconds and then sit down.
  • Repeat.


2. Proud Mary - Tina Turner (Rolling)

  • Lie your child down flat.
  • Encourage them to roll from their back to their left hand side and then back to their back.
  • Repeat this to their right hand side.
  • Repeat both sides until the end of the song.


3. Sit Down - James (Sit from Lying)

  • Lie your child down flat.
  • Hold your hands in front of them and encourage your child to grasp them.
  • Encourage your child to pull themselves up towards sitting (in a crunch like position) then lower back down.
  • Repeat until the end of the song.


4. Radio Ga Ga - Queen (Arms Clapping)

  • Either lie your child down, sit them up or have them standing (if they can stand independently without holding anything)
  • Children to clap their hands out in front of their bodies and place back down by sides.
  • Repeat until the end of the song


5. Reach - S Club 7 (Arms up and Down)

  • Children to raise arms up above their heads one at a time.
  • Repeat until the end of the song.


6. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star - Intensive Interaction

  • Lie your child down.
Lie down next to them and copy everything that they are doing.

1. Grand Old Duke Of York

What to Do: Standing up from sitting Down

2. Proud Mary

Rolling from side to side

3. Sit Down

Lying to Sitting

4. Queen - Radio Ga Ga

Clapping hands out in front of body

5. S Club 7 - Reach

Lift arms up and down one at a time

6. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Relaxation with your child