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Movement to Music

In movement to music sessions we have a really good dance!  We dance to a variety of different songs which each have a set action.  Adults working with the children support them to make the movements, giving different levels of support for each child.  Some children are given opportunities to make the movements with more independence.  I choose the actions to support children's development in different areas.  Some movements can support with personal care, such as rolling or raising arms, and others can help with developing MOVE skills such as stamping feet 1 at a time to encourage reciprocal leg movements in a walker.  


Below is this half term's session which you could try at home. All of the songs can be found on YouTube.



What to do

Body Boogie – The learning station

Tap and shake each body part to the lyrics

Here we go round the Mulberry Bush

Making circles with arms

Round and round the garden – Hoopla kids

Rolling onto side and back

Green grass grows all around – The learning station

Rocking from side to side

Hug a tree – The learning station

Wrap arms around self or each other to hug

A Thousand Trees - Stereophonics

Raise and lower hands and arms both at the same time