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Movement to music

In movement to music each song will have an action to go with it. Dependent on each child's ability there will be different movements for the children. 

Warm Up - Body Boogie Dance

Children should sit, either in supported sitting or on a chair, and copy the actions

1. We Are Family (Lyric Video) [HD] [HQ]

HMR – support should be given from behind, encourage her to lift her
head up and keep it central for short periods of time
SI/EG/PR – Sit in front of these children and move them side to side
getting them to move themselves back to the central line
AA, AM, BB, CC - Sit the children on a bench/chair by the table, encourage them to place their hands on the table. Support should be given at the hips if needed. Encourage the children to push through their legs and stand up holding on the table, encourage them to stand for up to 60 seconds at a time.

2 - Take Me Home, Country Roads

HMR/SI/PP/EG – children should be on mats on the floor. Encourage them to sit with their feet flat on the floor (adult may need to sit behind them to support). From here the children should be encouraged to stomp their feet.
AA/AM/BB/CC – Children should be sat on benches, encourage the children to stand (no more than 60 seconds at a time), with support at their hips if needed. While they are standing encourage them to stomp their feet on the floor. When the children are sitting they should also be encouraged to stomp their feet.

3 - Mama

The children should be encouraged to lie on their back and roll from side to side, going back onto their back between each roll. If your child needs more support roll the children onto their sides and encourage them to roll themselves back onto their backs. Swap sides each time

Relaxation - Here Comes The Sun

Children should be encouraged to remain on their tummy while the song plays in the background. Encourage the children to stretch forward and across the midline whilst in this position