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Mindfulness at Millstead



What does Mindfulness look like at Millstead?


Communication is essential at Millstead. For our children, the ability to regulate themselves emotionally is very important to enable them to engage. Some of our children find it difficult to return to a calm state after an emotional outburst.

During our sessions the children are taught to breathe in a way they can remember, ‘Smelling the flowers’, ‘Blowing out the candles’ for breaths in and out. We use the sessions to talk about different emotions we may feel and how we may deal with them.  

Mindfulness enables them to use some of the techniques to cope with situations that arise during their school day or at home.


Kirsty and Sharon, two of our Learning Support Officers take a group of children once a week for a 35 minute Mindfulness session.  

Mindfulness takes place in our Immersive Suite which is a room with calming bubble tubes, soft lights and a wall projector. 

We have a lavender diffuser, yoga mats and calming mindfulness music to set the scene before the children arrive. 


A typical Mindfulness session would focus on calm breathing, relaxation and yoga poses. We focus on emotions such as, happy, angry, sad. The children are encouraged to talk about how they feel and often talk about how they have helped their siblings at home with Mindfulness (which is lovely to hear)


Donna modelled to Tony 'I am strong!' pose
We watched the story of 'The Angry Octopus'
Bobby telling Sharon how he feels.
Relaxing to our Mindfulness music.