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Maple Class

Welcome to Maple Class 2021-2022

Maple Class this year has 8 children and 6 members of staff. We have 3 boys; Ahmed, Assen and Brandon and 5 girls; Charlotte, Emily, Hallie-May, Poppy and Shama. The staff in class include our Class Teacher Louise, LSA's; Zoe, Michelle, Ben and Rebecca and an Apprentice Libby. We follow a pre-formal curriculum with a big focus on Physical Development and MOVE. We have session that include; Swimming, Rebound, PE, Physical Sensory Story, Tac Time, Movement to Music, Number, Communication, Pre-Reading, Pre-Writing, Art, Cookery, Story and have one morning a week for our Educational Visit, where we will work on skills we have been learning in school to access the wider community. 

Spring 1 

This half term our topic is Alien Invasion, the half term will be broken into 6 weeks where each week will have a specific topic: week 1 - Aliens; week 2 - planets; week 3 - space; week 4 - rockets; week 5 - astronauts and week 6 - earth and moon. Our cookery, creative, in school experiences and sensory pre-writing skills session will be topic based with our other literacy and numeracy sessions working on individualised targets. Our reading books will have a space/alien theme as well. 

We will also be participating in swimming, rebound, and PE sessions, within all of these session the children will be working on individual targets as well as working on waiting and turn taking skills. Within PE we will be working on mobility and striking skills, this will be done through a variety of fun and engaging activities. 

Autumn 2

This half term our topic is 'Baby it's cold outside', we have had a different weekly focus relating to our topic. Week 1: bonfire night; Week 2: Remembrance; Week 3: Frosty the snowman; Week 4: Christmas Films; Week 5: Christmas Market; Week 6: Christmas Dinner and Week 7: North Pole. Each week will have different creative, cookery and sensory activities relating the the focus. 

We will continue to work on individual targets across the curriculum with small group, whole group and 1:1 sessions focusing on physical development, communication, maths, literacy, and play. 

Autumn 1 

This half term our topic is 'Me and My Family', through our sessions we will be looking at some of the children's favourite things as well as each others families and the city that we live in. We will be working towards individual targets within our communication, physical development and maths sessions to help the children to be able to increase their independence and let everyone know their wants and needs.