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Maple Class

Hello everybody and welcome to the Maple Class area! We are a mixed age PD class made up of 4 girls and 4 boys. Our teacher is Nick and our LSA's are Zoey, Ellie, Rachel, Ben and Hannah. Our topic for the 1st Summer half term is 'Down at the Bottom of the Garden'. We have a lovely range of sessions planned based around our topic. These include mark making in edible mud with some friends that we would find at the bottom of the garden, a minibeast treasure hunt, making colourful fairy potions to recognise our colours and working on numbers 1-5 whilst singing 'the ants go marching' in numeracy.  We are going to be taking part in lots of lovely creative sessions including making and decorating our own plant pots and making lots of mess making bird feeders!  Alongside this, we have incorporated our topic theme across all of our sessions, including movement to music where we have been exercising to outdoor related songs and during our P.E sessions where we have been working our way round a garden themed circuit.