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Millstead School is one of a number of Liverpool school who are piloting a new quality mark related to maths. We are the only SLD Primary School on the pilot. The pilot involves evidencing maths across the curriculum and whole school maths initiatives.

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As part of the on-going monitoring cycle at Millstead the maths coordinator and deputy head teacher conducted a learning walk to look at how we promote functional maths across the school. It was a wonderful opportunity to see all the children's hard work celebrated. Here are some pictures they took. As you can see we work hard to deliver a suitable maths curriculum for all our learners.

Maths Learning Walk 20.5.16

Maths displays in an SLD class

Liverpool Counts Report – February 2016

Millstead School is one a range of schools currently piloting the Liverpool Counts Quality Mark. The school had to apply to be considered and is the only SLD primary school on the pilot. The pilot is free but in the future schools will pay to do the quality mark and be assessed. This is our opportunity to feedback the experience from a special school setting and to help develop the quality mark for other schools in the future.


The pilot centres on numeracy for life and has been developed by Liverpool Learning Partnership and School Improvement Liverpool to promote positive attitudes to numeracy as an essential life skill.


The pilot covers 6 key themes, these are:

  • Leadership and Management

  • Workforce Development

  • Promotion and Development of Numeracy and Mathematics

  • Numeracy Events and Groups

  • School Wide Opportunities for Numeracy for Life

  • Family/Community Involvement


Each key theme has an action plan and evidence to support how well we develop the area across the school. The school can be awarded bronze, silver or gold. As ever we are aiming for gold!


Donna Stretton is leading on the Quality Mark and is working closely with one of our newer teachers, Vickey Hadden, to develop her middle leadership skills and prepare her to take over the role of mathematics coordinator in the future.


Vickey has attended all 4 training events and we have implemented the following across the school:


  • Maths for life posters – each class were assigned a different person/group of people across the school and ‘shadowed’ them to find out what numeracy and maths they used on a daily/weekly basis. Each class produced a poster which is on the school website and displayed around school.

  • Maths through play week – the week of 8th February was maths week, the timetable was changed to allow all maths to be taught through play and all teachers planned their maths activities linked to play targets.

  • Chinese New Year – a whole school celebration looking at how maths is important from shopping for food for our Chinese banquet which took place on Thursday 11th February to cooking (measures and time) and colours and numbers (Chinese dragon dancing). We also had a dance and drumming workshop for the whole school on Wednesday 10th February where we focused on counting, patterns and rhythm.

  • Maths questionnaires – we asked our children how they feel about maths and what their favourite parts were; counting songs, shapes and cars came in the top three!

  • Easter Bake Off - with all our parents invited to bake a cake and support the classes with their chocolate based creations.

  • Sponsored Cycles event - to raise money for local charities.

  • World Maths Day

  • Weekly Maths Champion celebrations

  • Maths buddies (across classes)

  • Maths through art week (w/c 28/3/16)


We will evaluate the impact of these initiatives and have lots more planned. We hope to complete our action plans ready for our assessor visit to school on Wednesday 8th June 2016.


(This report was shared with Governors in February 2016)

Maths is everywhere..........................


We set the children a challenge to find out how different staff around the school use maths in an everyday context. Each class was given a different area of the staff team to shadow and observe how they use maths throughout their day. The children then presented their photographs and findings in a poster. Have a look at some of the lovely posters the classes produced.

Maths Posters

Independent Living Skills and Numeracy for Life



  • To facilitate independence through the development of personal care, food processing and domestic skills.


  • To enable individuals to have an active role in the community.


  • To enable individuals to work towards living as independently as possible and achieve to the best of their abilities.


  • To promote safety at school, at home and in the wider community.


  • To prepare individuals for life in secondary provision and life after school.


ILS is divided into three key areas: Personal Care, Community and Daily Living Skills. Numeracy for life is at the heart of the ILS curriculum and it provides an opportunity for maths to be meaningful and functional for our children. Children are given the opportunity to handle money during educational visits, work with weights and measures during food preparation and practice skills such as sharing things out and following recipes. Children are also given the opportunity to problem solve, with an emphasis placed on independence at all times.



*Travel and road safety


*Shopping and Money


Daily Living Skills-

*Safety in the home

*Food preparation

*Domestic Skills

ILS is taught across the curriculum and during discrete teaching and learning sessions. Evidence and progress are to be recorded and regularly shared with the Coordinator who will monitor ILS throughout the school. Timetables have ensured that each class has weekly access to swimming sessions, educational visits and the food technology room

Look at how we use maths whilst preparing food in the cookery room

Practicing handling money and counting during an educational visit to the cafe

Millstead Sponsored Splash


We organised a fundraising event for the Make a wish foundation which enabled our children to practice their maths skills whilst also being active and having lots of fun. It was a whole school event and each child and member of staff had to swim or walk as many laps of the school swimming pool as they could manage. The class who clocked up the most laps got a special treat so a special well done to Yew Class who swam the most laps.

Some classes focused their numeracy sessions beforehand on distance and estimation and trying to calculate how much money we could raise. On the day many of the children were involved in counting and recording their own number of laps and afterwards some children helped to calculate the totals for each class and adding up the money raised.

All of the children in the school were able to take part and lots of fun was had by all. Have a look at some of the photographs from the day below.

Maths through Play Week - Chinese New Year

From February 8th to February 11th we held a very special whole school maths themed week to coincide with the Chinese New Year. All of the teachers were given the brief to plan lots of fun and exciting numeracy related activities focused on the Chinese New Year. The week culminated in a special Chinese music workshop and a delicious whole school Chinese banquet. There was a wide range of maths related activities going on throughout the week such as educational visits to the local Chinese supermarket, with children looking at quantities of food, money, time and distance. There were also lots of animal races being re-enacted with a focus on sequencing and learning ordinal numbers. Some classes set up mini Chinese restaurants in their classes with the children learning about one to one correspondence, ordering and sorting and matching. There was also lots of lovely craft activities going on such as making paper lanterns and Chinese dragons which led to learning about different colours, shapes and patterns, among many, many others!!

Chinese New Year Music Workshop

We all enjoyed a special visit from a musician who specialises in Chinese music and instruments. Each class had a small group session where they enjoyed some Chinese songs and listened to some traditional Chinese instruments. Some of us also got to have a play of some of them. The session culminated in a spectacular dragon dance. There were plenty of opportunities for maths throughout the sessions with lots of classes focusing on counting (the beat during drumming), recognising the different shapes of the instruments, looking at big and small instruments and following patterns and rhythm. The 20 foot Chinese dragon also prompted lots of mathematical thinking around estimation, length and time - we looked at how many people it would take to hold the dragon up and how long it would take us to get around the whole hall!

Chinese New Year Banquet

Our Chinese New Year week celebrations culminated in a whole school Chinese banquet on Thursday 11th February. All of the classes had been busy making dishes to bring to the banquet, therefore utilising the mathematical skills of weighing, measuring, time and sequencing. One of the classes had also made their own Chinese dragon and gave us a special dragon dance! It was a lovely social event for the children and many of them tried lots of new tastes.

Enterprise Events

Christmas Markets 2015

This event was a great success. Each class was given a budget to make Christmas crafts to sell on their class stall at the market. Some classes researched what to make first (surveys). We looked at the items we needed to buy and how many (shopping and money). We also looked at how much to sell things for and what profit we could make. We also invited other schools to get involved and they brought their own crafts to sell. We then invited parents and carers into school to enjoy the markets. Have a look at some of the photographs from the day below.


Enterprise Week 2016

In March we had an entire week dedicated to making eco friendly crafts to sell at the Enterprise fair. The theme was Mothers Day so there were lots of beautiful vases and photograph frames made. Again, each class were given a budget and had to source the materials themselves. World Maths Day also happened this week so we were able to link our craft activities to lots of maths with a specific focus on creating patterns and looking at symmetry. We even invited our parents/carers into school to help us make lots of lovely things.


We even won the competition for the first time! Go Millstead, go!


Check out our pages at Enterprise 2016. It shows us making the products, showcasing them during assembly and at the event itself. We are very proud of all our children - every child in the school took part. Well done!


Easter Bake Off!


Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood eat your heart out! Our parents made and decorated fantastic cakes and brought them to school to be judged (and tasted!). They were all amazing!


Whilst they were here the parents helped the classes prepare their entries and the winners were:


1st Place - Ash Class

2nd Place - Chestnut Class

3rd place - Willow Class


All the classes created works of art and earned prizes for their Easter Egg hunt.


Easter Bake Off 2016

Sponsored Cycle Event

As part of the NSPCC's Number day we held a sponsored cycle event. This was to raise money for the International Aid Shoebox Appeal and the NSPCC. Each class were given a half an hour timeframe, within which to complete as many circuits on the bikes or exercise bikes as they could manage. Each class had to have someone cycling continuously for the duration of the time. All children were able to take part as there were wheelchair bikes, adapted bikes with straps and handles as well as smaller bikes with stabilisers. The staff also got involved as well, using the exercise bikes!!

The children were encouraged to practice their maths skills during this fun event by helping to count the number of circuits that had been completed, recording the number in a tally on the chart and looking at which classes had completed more/less laps.

Elm and Willow Class doing the sponsored cycle event for Number Day 2016

Using numeracy in the wider community

As well as using our numeracy skills in the wider community during our weekly educational visits, we have also developed links with the West Everton Allotments. All classes have regular visits to the allotments and have enjoyed learning about planting and harvesting with the very knowledgeable people who run the allotments.

We have linked this to our numeracy learning as we have been looking at estimation (How big will our plants grow?). We have also been looking at weight, capacity and measures when we have been doing our planting (How much water do we need?, Which container will fit the most soil in? , Which plant is the tallest/smallest?). We have had lots of fun exploring all of the different plants 

Numeracy at the Allotments