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An introduction to our topic


This morning we watched a video about Africa. We learnt all about the country; the people, places, houses and animals. While we watched the video we had to use our checklist to tick off things that we had watched!


It has made us so excited about this term and all the fun work we have planned!

Spring Term 2: Africa

Literacy - Handa's surprise, The Lion King, Gifraffes can't dance, exploring African animals 

Writing, writing and more writing


Everyday we spend 1:1 time with our lovely staff member Donna doing all our literacy work (shhhh don't tell anyone but she is our favourite! She makes writing so much fun!) We look at photos from our Monday morning educational visit and write about everything that we have done.


Our letter formation is getting better and we try so hard to stay in the lines :)

Another week, another real life superhero


After our lovely morning at Alder Hey hospital learning all about the work nurses do, we came back to school to fill our a tourist page of where we have been and talk about what we saw. We sequenced all the photos from the morning and gave the trip a mark out of 5.


We really enjoyed the morning :)

We are Army officers


After Andy the Army officer left, we wanted to be officers ourselves! We made our own badges and coloured in our army clothes.

We enjoyed telling the staff all about our different medals and the big gun we are holding!


(If you look in the 'Knowledge and understanding of the world' tab you can see all the pictures of us with Andy the Army officer!!!)

When the sun is out, it is time to explore!


The weather has been so lovely today, that we thought it was time to do some literacy in the outdoors. We picked up our pencils and clipboards and set out on a sound walk! We spent time listening to cars, dogs barking and birds tweeting and marked it on our check list!



AND it was only fair that Lizzie let us practise our play skills in the park after all our hard work!

Chestnut class becomes a lifeboat centre!


If you go on to our education visit link you will see all the pictures from our morning at the RNLI lifeboat centre. We had a fantastic time sitting in the boat, exploring all the uniforms, speaking to the volunteers and even ringing the alarm bell!


We couldn’t wait to get back to school to make our very own lifeboat!! First we had to make our own lifeboat crew badges, so people knew what our jobs were. Then we had to get painting, it’s a hard job making a lifeboat you know!


The best bit of all was playing with all our friends. Our imagination and communication skills have come on so much since being in our new class and we love taking it in turns to play different roles and have a laugh with our friends!

Supertato - our new favourite superhero!


For the next two weeks in literacy we are reading the book 'Supertato - veggies assemble!'. The mean, horrible, evil pea turns off the freezers in the supermarket and all the food starts to melt. Good job Supertato and his veggie friends are there to help save everyone!


Today we explored all the vegetables in their superhero outfits!



What super power would you like? 


In literacy today, we talked and wrote about all the different powers we could have if we were a superhero. We watched some videos of the Incredibles and looked at the family's super powers. We all wished we could stretch really far and be invisible! Once we finished our class input we all put our capes and masks back on and tried to see if our powers could really work!

The superheros have gone missing again 


Chestnut Class had the very important job of moving around the school with a check list to make sure they could find all the superheros that have gone missing! Buzz lightyear was a little sneaky but we managed to complete our task! :)



What a perfect start to the new term. We spent the morning at the park practising our superhero moves and once back at school we made our very own superheroes. 

We all loved being able to use different colours and make them our own. 

Spring Term 1: Superheros

Literacy - A day in the life of a superhero, Supertato, Supertato veggies assemble, Superworm


'Wacky Wednesday' by Dr Seuss 


What a fantastic book we are reading in our class! At the start of the week we made our very own special pointing sticks to be able to pick out all the wacky things that are happening on each page. We are making lots of wacky pictures, exploring the wacky classroom and even making the corridors wacky! 


Take a look at our photos :)


Autumn Term 2- This term we are turning our classroom into a vets surgery!


We are going to be learning all about different animals and how to care for them. Today we played a really fun game on the interactive white board where we had to guess which animals Lizzie was describing, and over this next term we will spend our time in the vets making sure all the animals are ok.