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Summer Term One, Monsters Inc.

Our story this week is ‘Not Now Bernard’ .

We have been using colourful semantics to build sentences, based on the characters from our story.

The children had to find the characters from our story which were hidden around Redwoods outdoor area.

Our Story, Spring Term 1

We have now moved onto a new story called ‘Jaspers Beanstalk’. The story is about Jasper the cat trying his best to grow a beanstalk but unfortunately has no success, till one day he digs it up a throws it away, to his surprise a big beanstalk grows outside his window! 
The children are able to get involved in the story digging, planting, watering and mowing. We also use language boards to help the children follow the story and answer questions. 


Our story this term is Jack and the Beanstalk. It's a lovely traditional tale I'm sure a lot of you will be very familiar with. The story is is about a boy who swaps a cow for a bag of magic beans.


When his mother throws the beans out of the window, a giant beanstalk springs up from the ground leading to a castle in the sky. Inside the castle lives a scary giant with a hen, who lays golden eggs, and a harp, that plays music which sends the giant into a deep sleep. Jack steals from the giant, and escapes down the beanstalk, cutting it down with an axe when he reaches the bottom so the giant can't follow him.


This story links in with our topic this term "Spring is in the Air", as we will be learning about how plants grow from seeds. On our first day back in school we practised planting some of our own beans in plant pots, sprinkling soil over the top.

Jack and the Beanstalk Roleplay and Vocabulary

Our Story, Autumn Term 2

Our story this term is ‘Frozen’ it is a well known Disney story which we have shortened.

The children use communication boards throughout the story and take part in short activities during the story like working in pairs and using playdough to build a snowman. 

Mark Making

Our Story, Autumn Term 1

Our class story at the moment is called Just Like Jasper. It's a lovely tale of a cat who is looking for a new toy.


We have been developing our play skills with each of the different toys Jasper finds at the toy shop. We have also been learning about money and acting out going to the shop to buy a new toy.


If you have any toys mentioned in the story at home, use these to help engage your child whilst you are reading to them. When the story is finished, you can help your child to play with the toys they encountered.

Use the language board shown below while you are reading to your child. Point to the symbols as you are saying the word when making comments or asking questions.