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Jack and the Beanstalk

Our story this term is Jack and the Beanstalk. It's a lovely traditional tale I'm sure a lot of you will be very familiar with.


The story is is about a boy who swaps a cow for a bag of magic beans. When his mother throws the beans out of the window, a giant beanstalk springs up from the ground leading to a castle in the sky. Inside the castle lives a scary giant with a hen, who lays golden eggs, and a harp, that plays music which sends the giant into a deep sleep. Jack steals from the giant, and escapes down the beanstalk, cutting it down with an axe when he reaches the bottom so the giant can't follow him.


This story links in with our topic this term "Spring is in the Air", as we will be learning about how plants grow from seeds. On our first day back in school we practised planting some of our own beans in plant pots, sprinkling soil over the top.



While you are reading the stories listed above, talk about the things you encounter in the story and ask questions using simple language. Below is a guide to the approach to questioning we use at Millstead, devised by Dr Marion Blank. In Redwood Class, we are working on developing Blank level 1, 2 and 3 with our learners.

Jolly Phonics

In Redwood Class, we are learning about the different sounds we use in speech and how to write these sounds with letters.

One of the ways we learn these letter sounds is using songs and actions. Below is a video with all the 42 letter sounds that we use in the English language.

Underneath the video are links to Joly Phonics Workbooks with activities linked to the letters we are learning.