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Summer Term

Read through the stories with you child. Ask them questions as you go along about what they can see, what colour, shape or size they are. Do they like the story or not? 

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Term 3 - Julia Donaldson


Read the story with your child (or watch the animated version on youtube by clicking the link). Ask them questions as they go along - can they find different objects and characters you name? Can they tell you how the characters are feeling? 

Term 2 - Kings and Queens
Read the story to or with your child. Try asking them to find different things in the pictures e.g. where is the Queen's cup? Where is the rabbit?
Read the story to or with your child. Try asking them about the characters' emotions e.g. how does Shrek feel? Can you show me an angry face? Why is he surprised?

Term 1 - Space


Marshmallows for Martians - click on the link to hear the story

There's an Alien in your book - either read the story yourselves or enjoy having it read aloud.