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Summer Term 2- Let's move!


This term we will be exploring our bodies, getting fit for the summer and none stop moving! We are so excited for this term - let's hope the sun shines bright for us and we can learn to enjoy exercise and keeping fit.


We will be timetabling lots of different activities into daily routine and learning all about different sports. 



Summer Term 1 - All around the world. 


This term we will be travelling all around the world!! We are so excited for this term - let's hope the sun shines bright for us on our adventure! 


The first week we will be enrolling into pilot school! We will have a week of training and making our own plane, ready to get going.


The next 6 weeks we will be travelling to different countries around the world; exploring their culture, food, weather and famous landmarks!


Following instructions in music

Still image for this video

During trampolining, the boys are using a communication board to focus on the words 'who' and 'what'.

The boys are asked 'who is on the trampoline?' and will choose from the pictures of staff or children. They are also asked ' what are they doing?' and choose from a range of moves eg star jump, tuck jump etc.


The boys don't even realise they are doing literacy :)

Spring Term 2 - Nick Sharrett Books. 


This term we will be looking at a range of different books written or illustrated by Nick Sharrett. 


The first book we are reading is ‘Shark in the Park’. We will post all our books on here so you read them at home :) 


This week during cookery, the boys have been making Valentine's Day cheesecakes. 

Pictures were taken of each stage of the making process.


In our literally session today, the boys had to sequence the pictures and then make their own cheesecakes following the pictures.

It was lovely to watch them really concentrating on each picture to make sure they were following the next step correctly.

After the PowerPoint story the boys had to answer the questions with a possible three answers.
It has been so lovely to watch the boys concentrating for longer periods of time without any staff interactions. All 3 boys completed all the sentences relating to each page and stayed on task throughout. THIS IS FANTASTIC!

Valentines day powerpoint

It's Valentine's day in Rowan Class this week. We will be reading our Valentine's day PowerPoint, making sentences doing some lovely arts and crafts and spreading the love. 


Check out the PowerPoint below and click on the creative section of the website to see what we have been getting up to.

This was even more fun! The lion had a whole in its body - the boys had to search through the box to find the correct material for the lion's mane. The loved exploring the different textures.
Matching animal materials. The boys loved matching the correct animal skins!
After our Safari story our safari boys all sat down for a picnic. They had to make sentences to find the different equipment they needed and then ask for the different foods to make their own sandwiches. What a lovely literacy lesson!

What can you see in the jungle?

After the literacy sessions the boys take part in 1:1 sessions. They are currently using the symbols to create sentences about the different animals.

Everyone is loving choosing the different colours and starting each sentence with 'I see'.

It was time to get on a safari hunt outside!! The boys loved following the animal trail all around the playground.

The boys loved using their homemade binoculars to search for animals during our literacy lessons. 

The link below is our first book we will be looking at this week. The boys will be creating the sentences themselves and having fun making their own binoculars and hats and exploring the corridors for all the animals that might be hiding!

Spring Term 1 - 'Animal Boogie'.


This term we will be looking at a range of different books and powerpoints. We will be focusing on sentence structure and colourful semantics. 


We will post all our books on here so you read them at home :)



A little visit from Santa has been a perfect end to the year. The boys happily waited for their turn and loved sitting next to Santa for a photo :)

Before lunch time we listen to a few songs to make us nice and calm before lunch time. For the last few weeks we have been listening to Christmas songs.


We complete the sentences "I hear .. " using the different photos. Our favourite song is Frosty the snowman!

I hope you like our Christmas cards we wrote you.....
Everyone loves a trip to the Christmas Markets. It looked a little different this year, no family members and separating into bubbles... but we still had fun. We enjoyed looking at the different stalls and buying some treats. We had hotdogs and juice and played with all our new toys.
Three times a week for the last 2 weeks the boys have been reading a Christmas Poem. Each line of the poem has sensory materials to explore. We all love the twinkly lights!

The story we are reading as a class for the next 2 weeks is called 'The Jolly Postman'. Please click on the link below to have a listen at home. :)

We had a fantastic morning making s'mores at forest school (check out the forest school section to see the pics!)


Once back to school we used our visual instructions page (see below) to help sequence the pictures in order of what we did. We all needed a little bit of help, but we enjoyed discussing each picture.

We then set off around the school to post letters to help our local postman out.
We tried on different postman outfits during our postman story.
This week we have been looking at our PowerPoint ‘The day in the life of a postman'. Why don't you click on the link below and have a look?


We have been having a look at the different jobs a postman and post woman do, the uniform they wear and where they might go during the day.

We have helped them with their jobs and built/ wrote sentences during our 1.1 literacy sessions. 

But first, during our first week back at school we will be exploring ‘Bonfire night’ and all the lovely things we can do during this time. We will also be looking at how we can keep ourselves safe.


Check out our powerpoint below!

Autumn Term 2 - 'The Jolly Postman'.
‘The Jolly Postman'’ is the next book we are reading together in class in term 2. Every morning we all have our own books and we follow and match the words from each page. Our staff team have made our very own class post-box on the wall for us to help the postman post letters, and over the next few weeks we will be making our own post-boxes too! 


Halloween in Rowan Class has been so much fun! Check out our PowerPoint below and see all the spooky things we have been getting up too :)
Autumn Term 1 - 'Who put the colours in the rainbow?'.
‘Monsters love colours’ is the first book we have been reading together in class this term. Every morning we all have our own books and we follow and match the words from each page. We love to get very messy with all the paint!
This week we have been sequencing the story and creating out own sentence strips. We enjoy practicing our letter formation underneath.