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Cedar class soldiers 


Cedar class have loved learning all about the army! after meeting Andy the soldier, Jo said we could make ourselves into soldiers too, so to further develop our cutting and fine motor skills we cut out all the things we needed to make ourselves into soldiers. 

Cedar class are out and about


The weather has been so lovely today, that we thought it was time to do some literacy in the outdoors. We picked up our pencils and clipboards and set out on a sound walk! We spent time listening to cars, dogs barking and birds tweeting and marked it on our check list! 



We have had a great time reading Supertato. We explored the book and the vegetable characters altogether - Jo even dressed the vegetables up as superheroes! We loved playing with them and making them talk!. 

Super, Supertato paintings!


Whilst we've been reading Supertato, we thought we'd have a go at making our own illustrations! Jo was so impressed with our painting skills!

Even more supertato! 


We have loved Supertato so much we just want to keep reading it! We thought lots about describing the characters and the setting of the story and loved acting it out in small groups as it was read to us.