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Lets meet Oak Class

Welcome to Oak Class.


Our class teacher is called Helen and Kirsty is our Learning Support Officer. 

We are lucky to have Jenna, Yvonne, Megan, Ben and our apprentice Connor to support our learning.


Oak class is a busy class.. We have 10 children, 7 boys and 3 girls; Jayden, Matthew, Oliver, Harry, Archie, Alex, Ayman, Kendall, Anna and Lexi. 





Autumn Term 1: The Circus


Please have a look at what we will be getting up to this term :)


Literacy - 'Oak Class go to the Circus' story, early reading and writing skills and phonics

NumeracyNumber recognition, 2D/3D shapes, money and time. 

Science - Forces- push/ pull, magnets, floating/ sinking

Cookery - elephant droppings, pretzels, fruit kebabs, hotdogs and fried onions, clown hat cones, donuts and toffee apples. 

Art - Puffy paint candy floss/ Cotton wool popcorn, clown faces, Circus tents and clown hats, elephant collages, lion masks and splat painting. 

Physical Development - developing our circus skills, swimming and yoga. We will be working on our independent living skills- dressing and undressing for PE, swimming etc

Swimming - Independent changing and confidence in the water

Educational Visits - Local parks to develop our physical development and play skills