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Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Home Learning activities:


  • Recycling - get your children to help you out with the recycling! Watch the Peppa Pig video about recycling as an introduction, then see if they can group paper, plastic and cardboard items separately (there are visuals below to support this).



  • Collage - making collages is a great way to help your child explore different materials and to compare how they look and feel. Have a look at the examples below.
Magnets - (you will need a magnet for this and some metal materials e.g. pots/pans, cutlery, screws etc.) Have fun comparing materials with a magnet. Use the visuals below as you sort them into two groups.

Autumn Term


In Knowledge and Understanding of the World this term, we have been exploring different materials - comparing how they look and feel and thinking about what we could use to make a rocket ship, an astronaut helmet and an alien planet!

We have also been learning about recycling and how to look after the world. We were really good at sorting all of the different materials to be recycled!