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Science- Forces


This term in our science we learnt all about forces! We did this through lots of practical and play activities and worked together having lots of fun! We looked at lots of different aspects of forces including push and pull where we went on a walk around school and let our teachers know if we needed to push or pull the door to open it, we made lines of trains and pushed them around the train track, we went outside and pushed each other on the swing, we tied a balloon to a car, blew it up and watched what happened when we let the balloon go and we pulled pieces of painted string across paper to make a picture. During our magnets week we went fishing in the water tray outside to catch the magnetic fish and played a fishing game together inside and we tested our magnets on different materials to see whether or not they were magnetic. During our float and sink week we went outside and decided whether we thought different materials would float or sink before testing them in the water tray.