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Science Activities Summer 2 2017


This term our topic is 'Food Glorious Food' so our science activities have involved us exploring our sense of taste. Each week we have explored different foods that have strong tastes, such as bitter lemon, sweet chocolate and doughnuts and salty pretzels.


We have worked hard to learn how to use visuals to select the food and to use the like and don't like faces to show whether we like it or not. The children have all really enjoyed this session and have been brilliant and showing their likes and dislikes!! The sweet tasting food was a hit! 

Science Activities Summer 1 2017

Our new topic is 'Down at the bottom of the Garden' so our science activities are going to be focused on learning about plants and flowers and minibeasts that we might find in the garden. We enjoyed a planting activity last week, during which we were working on our ability to copy actions, such as using the spade to dig the soil and using the watering can to water the seeds. Some of us were also following a visual planting guide. We look forward to seeing how our flowers grow!

Science Activities Spring 2 2017

Our science activities have been based around our topic 'Down in the Jungle' and have been focused on learning about animals through sensory exploration. We all enjoyed making a green play dough jungle and spent some time exploring the broccoli trees and flowers. Some of us were also able to group the same types of objects e.g. putting all the flowers together showing a good understanding of living things. We have also enjoyed exploring our jungle sensory tray and matching the toy animals to their pictures.

Science & Geography Activities Spring 1 2017


We have lots of fun during our science activities this term which have been based around our topic of dinosaurs. Our science activities are sensory based and involve us using all of our senses to explore different stimuli, we really enjoyed digging for dinosaur fossils in rice, sand, mud and our very own dinosaur swamp! We also enjoyed a science lesson that involved the exploration of dinosaur eggs - we loved cracking the eggs and watching the change from the hard shell to the runny yolk.


Our geography activities have involved us finding our way around the familiar environment of our school building whilst looking for dinosaur pictures on a dinosaur hunt. The children were really good at leading an adult to find all the hiding dinosaurs!