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Mental Health Week


This week the whole school has been looking at and learning all about mental health and what we can do at school to make ourselves and friends happier.

We have had lots of different activities going on around the school and enjoyed joining up with other classes. The climbing wall was available for us to use and to test our bravery and how we can support others when they are a little scared. At break time we had a full school cafe in the small hall, we could sit anywhere we wanted to enjoy some toast and juice with our new friends. 

We also took part in a creative afternoon in the hall. This gave us the opportunity to engage with peers in creative colouring, sticking, card making and lego.


It has been such a lovely week :)

Cedar class are nurses for the morning



What a fantastic morning at Alder Hey hospital. We met some kind nurses and a lovely manager called Siobhan who showed us all the equipment they use to keep people safe and make them feel better. Some of us even got bandages on our arms and head! We had so much fun :)


We got to bring some resources back to school and we can't wait to make our classroom into a hospital! 


Special thanks to Siobhan Jones, the Assistant Service Manager, for liaising with school and making this event happen.

Also to:

Kelly Black - Surgical Matron

Kate Thompson - Urology Nurse Specialist

Ann Birmingham - Operational Manager 

Superheroes for the afternoon! 


Elliot, Sange, Issy and Sky had their first experience on the climbing wall today. They put on the safety equipment and explored the different hand holds of the wall. Once comfortable they each took it in turns to have a climb. They all were very brave, with lots of smiling and thumbs up!

Our morning out


Cedar class has been doing all sorts to develop our gross and fine motor skills, our play skills and our social and communication. 

Today we went to the playground and did loads of climbing, played games of hide and seek, chase and what's the time Mr Wolf? with our friends and got really brave trying out some of the tricky monkey bars and climbing equipment with our grown ups! 

The superheroes lunch!


This term we have been making all sorts of different sandwiches to develop our spreading, mixing and cutting skills. Have a look at the delicious butties we've made - we're getting so confident and independent with our new skills we've even got our class team snacking on them!

When the police came to Cedar class


Today we met some more 'real life superheroes', the police! Three police officers came into our class to tell us all about how hard they work to keep everyone safe. 

We had a fantastic morning; we got to try on all the uniform, play with the handcuffs and sit in the police van while the sirens went off! 

Spring Term 1: Superheros


Knowledge and Understanding of the World