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Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Forest School!


We are so lucky to have trained forest school members of staff within our school and a lovely area close to school where we can go. Helen and Hannah are so fantastic! and we always have so much fun. 


Today we made cheese on toast on the fire, did leaf printing and paint and explored the woodlands. We had such a lovely time socialising with our friends especially when its a bit muddy so we can stomp around in our wellies!

Harp Duo Performance 


We were lucky enough today to have the harp duo come into school for the afternoon. They performed different pieces of music and we were allowed to get up to dance and use some musical instruments they brought with them. Thank you so much for coming to see us and playing such lovely music :)

More climbing!


We are really enjoying climbing this term. Some of us are able to climb to the top and some of us are enjoying climbing to the middle, or even just raising our feet off the ground :)


When the command of 'cradle' is said, we are all able to let go of the rope with both hands and straighten our legs to be able to walk down the wall. We are all so brave :)

World Book Day 


Today we got the opportunity to dress up as our favourite book characters. We read stories together, made our own bookmarks and engaged in different activities across the school. We had such a lovely day.

Liverpool in the community 


We are so lucky to have Liverpool in the community come into school to teach us lots of new skills. This term we are focusing on accuracy. 

Today we were practising rolling, we had to start on a coloured spot and roll the ball to hit another ball off a cone. We had so much fun and we got really good at it!

Who's turn is it?


In ICT this term we will be looking at taking turns and sharing with our friends. In Chestnut class during choose time we all enjoy being on the laptops/ipads and it has been so nice when we can use them together :)

PANCAKE DAY!!! - pancake making!


Today we were so lucky to have the opportunity to make our own pancakes. Our staff helped us to be safe in the kitchen and we followed all the safety rules while holding the pan.


Then we got to choose what we wanted on our pancakes, we had the choice of Nutella, lemon, syrup and sugar. They were delicious! yum yum :)

PANCAKE DAY!!! - pancake games


We went into the sports hall this afternoon to play lots of pancake games with our friends. We had to get into teams and take turns, making sure we gave our friends lots of encouragement while we waited for our turn. 


The relay races were so much fun, we had to run up and down the sports hall, crawl, carry a pancake on a bat and we even had to balance a pancake on our heads!

Spring Term 2: Africa


Please have a look at what we will be getting up to this term :)


Knowledge and Understanding of the World - exploring different countries, animals and their habitats, African animals, tasting African food, music from different countries and cultures.


Mental Health Week


This week the whole school has been looking at and learning all about mental health and what we can do at school to make ourselves and friends happier.

We have had lots of different activities going on around the school and enjoyed joining up with other classes. The climbing wall was available for us to use and to test our bravery and how we can support others when they are a little scared. At break time we had a full school cafe in the small hall, we could sit anywhere we wanted to enjoy some toast and juice with our new friends. 

We also took part in a creative afternoon in the hall. This gave us the opportunity to engage with peers in creative colouring, sticking, card making and lego.


It has been such a lovely week :)



Chestnut class went to the park today and you couldn't believe what we saw! A skeleton, but all the bones were everywhere. Good job we are all doctors and helped to put him back together!

Chestnut hospital


This week in chestnut class we have transformed our classroom into a hospital! We have been wearing our badges, gloves and aprons and making sure all our patients are feeling better! We even asked the school nurses to come in help take the blood pressure of our staff, we must be tiring them out!

Liverpool Football club


We are so lucky to have Liverpool football club coaches come into school to teach us different skills. Today we were practising our throwing and kicking and played a competition to see how many times we could knock the ball off the cone. It was so much fun :) 

Tim the Marvel man


Chestnut class were so lucky, along side other classes, to meet Tim Quinn. Tim was an illustrator that worked for Marvel and as is superheroes, he came to school to deliver a workshop based on story telling. He fully engaged the children through telling a story of how to create a character. They were all able to make their own character and loved listening to Tim's stories along the way! 

When Andy the Army man came to Chestnut class


Today we met a very special 'real life superhero'; his name was Andy and is in the Army! Andy told us all about how hard he works keeping people safe. He brought with us his uniform for us to try on, all the food rations he has to eat when he is on duty and the tent he has to sleep in.


Once we got kitted up, we covered our faces in paint and spent the morning pretending we were hiding out in the woods. No one could see us in our camouflage! 


Thank you so much to Andy for coming in, we had a great morning and learnt so much! :)

It's time to climb :)


This afternoon Tony, Leila and Sidiki had another go on the climbing wall. Even on their second attempt they were more confident and climbing a little bit higher than their first go. They will be getting to the top at no time!

Superhero bubbling explosion 


Look how fully engaged and excited we were during our experiment! We had so much fun :)


Still image for this video

Superhero bubbling explosion 


Today chestnut class conducted another experiment to see a superhero bubbling explosion. We explored all the ingredients and made our prediction at what we thought would happen.  Once it was done, we then recorded our results. Most of us got it right AGAIN and we were pleased with ourselves. :)


When the police came to Chestnut class


Today we met some more 'real life superheroes', the police! Three police officers came into our class to tell us all about how hard they work to keep everyone safe. 

We had a fantastic morning; we got to try on all the uniform, play with the handcuffs and sit in the police van while the sirens went off! 

A superhero packed lunch! 


Oh no!!! You wouldn't believe what happened today. The hulk forgot his lunch!!!!! Good job we were around to help make him some sandwiches. We all practised our spreading skills and we were really careful using the knife to cut them. He was full up and ate ALL 9 SANDWICHES!!!!!!! 

Superhero explosion 


Today chestnut class conducted an experiment to see a superhero explosion. In the morning we had to make a prediction on what we thought would happen and then after we got to record our results. Most of us got it right and we were pleased with ourselves.


The explosion was so much, fun even if we did get covered in fizzy coke!

Swimming lessons


We are loving our swimming lessons in Chestnut Class. We start with blowing bubbles and kicking our legs and then we practise swimming on our front and our back. We then take it in turns to jump in, cheering all our friends when they make a big splash.


Once we have finished our lessons and if we have all listened (which we always do!) we get 10 minutes of free time at the end. We love getting all the floats out and playing superhero battles with our friends!

Chestnut class try climbing


We spent the morning in class exploring the safety equipment needed for the climbing wall. We enjoyed taking it in turns to wear a helmet and trying on the harness.


Once we had become comfortable with the equipment we were able to go into the sports hall. Each one of us got the opportunity to have a go, to experience what it felt like to be lifted off the ground and to climb as much as we wanted.

This allowed staff to assess our ability in order to create an individualised program for our own personal climbing journey at Millstead school.

Spring Term 1: Superheros


Knowledge and Understanding of the World 

Our families


We had a fantastic morning today talking all about our families. We spoke about our mums and dads and named all our brothers and sisters.

We then drew our houses and everyone that lives in them. It was lovely to learn about all our friends in our class J

11.12.19 - Continuous provision small city


In Chestnut class today the whole class transformed into a small city. We used sheets of paper to be able to continue our roads and roundabouts and made garages and schools out of cardboard boxes.


We had so much fun moving the cars about the roads and some of us even drew our houses and families. Tony and Liam even fixed the traffic jam!

We even did some paint printing using the car wheels..

Chestnut class vets is very busy today

05.11.19 - Bonfire night


In Chestnut Class we have been learning all about Bonfire night. We went into the immersive suite to watch an interactive firework display, wrapped up warm in our hats and gloves, had some hot chocolate and even got to hold a sparkler!


Don't worry everyone, we had two members of staff with us and we were really careful :)

Yoga - following directions