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Italian themed numeracy - counting ice creams

Picture 1 Joe tracking a money tin
Picture 2 Joe knocking the ice cream over during the rhyme
Picture 3 Lois exploring the play dough ice creams
Picture 4 Zac using the talking tins to count the ice creams
Picture 5 Zac learning his colours through the ice creams
Picture 6 Jake listening intently to the number rhyme
Picture 7 Sian independently pressing the talking tin
Picture 8 Charlie exploring the numbered talking tin
Picture 9 Lois independently pressing the talking tin
Picture 10 Lois reaching out to knock the ice cream over
Picture 11 Emily exploring cherries to put on the ice cream
Picture 12 Eve tracking the money tin during the rhyme
Picture 13 Jake enjoying the number rhyme
Picture 14 Millie remembering to remove one of the ice creams
Picture 15 Poppy independently exploring the talking tins