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If You Go Down To The Woods Today.........

The children enjoyed trips to the local woods, we explored the leaves fallen on the floor and listened as they crunched under our feet as we walked. The staff sang songs as they encouraged the children to collect items for our sensory art sessions. Some children enjoyed feeling the rough textures of the bark on the trees and others picked leaves and acorns.


The children used the items collected from the woods to make art work. The children made leaf print collages and used the sticks and leaves left over to create a wood in class when having a teddy bears picnic.

Our Class Trips

During Cookery sessions the children made jam sandwiches for our teddy bears picnic in class. The children enjoyed tasting the different jams, we had blackcurrant, raspberry, strawberry, honey, marmalade and nutella.


The children learnt how to hold the knife and make a spreading action and cut the sandwich once finished. Some children were able to spread the jam independently where others needed some adult support. All the children were able to eat their finished sandwich independently!