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ICT Activities Summer 2 2017


In ICT this term we have been learning how to use ICT programmes and devices with more independence. This has involved us using the plasma screen to create a 'meal' using the simple city software. The children were able to select the food they wanted using the touch screen facility.


We have also been practicing using apps on the iPad with more independence - the children have enjoyed choosing their favourite apps and using the screen to make marks and select objects. We also enjoyed practicing our control skills when playing an ICT game that involved dropping sausages into a pan at the right time.

ICT Activities Summer 1 2017

This term our new topic is 'Down at the bottom of the Garden' so all of our ICT activities will be based around learning more about gardens and things we find in the garden. The ICT skills we will be developing this  term are using controls and/or buttons to produce a known result, we will work on this through programmes on the plasma screen. Last week we used the 'Pretty Things' computer programme to make flowers for our class display. The children were able to use different actions on the screen and press different buttons to make their pictures change colour, shape and to change the sound effect. Have a look at the photographs to see us working hard during this activity.

ICT Activities Spring 1 2017


Our ICT activities have been based around our topic of dinosaurs. We have been working on ICT based skills such as controlling ICT programmes with more independence. We love to practice this using our plasma screen in class. We have enjoyed building dinosaur pictures on the screen and then touching the right buttons to knock them down.

Many of the children in Acorn class particularly enjoy ICT based activities and we use them as motivators to help the children engage in their learning. This means that many of the children have made lots of progress in terms of their ability to use the iPad or the computer mouse independently to watch a favourite song or play a favourite game.

ICT Activities Spring 1 2017