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Picture 1 Faye is using the switch to control the fan.
Picture 2 Faye enjoys listening to number rhymes.
Picture 3 Faye uses the switch to contol our singing bear.
Picture 4 Jake is using the switch to control our chicken.
Picture 5 Jake pressed the switch to listen to choices.
Picture 6 Jake enjoys our singing bear.
Picture 7 Joe is using 2 switches to control the plasma.
Picture 8 Joe is working out which switch works!
Picture 9 Joe enjoys big bang on the computer.
Picture 10 Joe enjoys watching the aquarium.
Picture 11 Joe uses the switch to activate number rhymes.
Picture 12 Joe works a touch switch to make our chicken sing.
Picture 13 Kye likes to hear our singing bear.
Picture 14 Kye uses the switch to make the bear work.
Picture 15 Kye is choosing which toy to activate.
Picture 16 Will enjoys feeling the fan.
Picture 17 Will loves the fish in our aquarium.