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Please send us photos of what you get up to at home so we can add them to our home learning gallery.

We are missing everyone already so this will be a lovely way to see lots of gorgeous faces. The children also love to see themselves and their friends. Please E-mail Helen or add them onto class dojo with the photographs.

Ryan has been busy preparing snack for himself and his family. 
Ryan has all the moves in wake up shake up ! 
Here’s Ryan on purple mash with his Sister, look at his creative work colouring in his dragon. Well done Ryan.
Ryan got very creative and made his own fire breathing Zog dragon.
Ryan has made some fantastic creations with his Lego.
Poppy holding up her picture of a polar bear. Lovely picture Poppy. 
Poppy has been making some yummy jam on toast for breakfast. Mmm!

Archie made play dough with his Dad.

Good job Archie.

Here is Libby making a castle for Zog and Princess Pearl. 
Here is Libby making scouse with Mummy in the kitchen. 
Finding tricky words in the snow marshmallow table at home. This looks like lots of fun. 
Libby enjoyed playing in the snow. 
Lexi used her Play Doh sweet factory to make some yummy Play Doh sweets 🍭 🍫 🍬. Well done Lexi!