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Welcome to Holly Classes page. This year there are 11 children in Holly Class, they are Josesph, Joe, Donnie, Owen, Alfie, Lewis, Elliott, Ridwan, Jaydem, Hakeem and Luke. There are also 7 members of staff, there names are Lisa, Liam. Heather, Bev, Gemma, Jen and Louise.


Holly Class is a very fun and bust place to be and a lot happens in Holly Class. We will use this page to show you some of the fun and exciting things we get up to in class and also when we are out and about on our class visits. 



Summer Term 1 Curriculum Leaflet

Information about what we are learning through our new topic 'The Wild, Wild West' and how you can help at home.

Christmas time meant that lots of fun activities happened and the boys in Holly Class fully participated in all the festivities. the phots below show how much they all enjoyed the different events.

During our topis on space we made lots of space themed recipes in Cookery. Here are some pictures of the children following visual instructions to make a night sky using chocolate angel delight and chocolate stars. It looked and tasted delicious.

Our teachers try very hard to link childrens learning to events and celebrations that the children may experience outside of school. During the week before bonfire night the boys took part in lots of activites linked to firework night. These included maths activiites which allowed the development of number skills, making chocolate sparklers during cookery and leading a whoe school assembly.

We explored and investigate transparent and translucent materials during science. The boys made their own glasses and had to choose the best material to use to make their glasses. Not only did the boys develop their investigation skills but they ended up with some very cool glasses to wear.

We also made aliens using fruit and chocolate sticks. By the end of the half term the boys were all amazing at at following visual instructions.

All of the adults in Holly Class jave loeved seeing the childrens social skills interaction develop through the broad range of activites that take place during the school day. The boys have began to build frienships and play alongside each other.