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Holly Class

Hello and welcome to Holly Classes page. There are 11 boys in Holly class this year. Lisa is the teacher. Liam is an Leaning Support Officer and Bev, Gemma, Jen, Sasha and Heather are Learning Support Assistants. All of the children have settled into the routines of Holly Class and have been learning lots and having lots of fun.


Our topic this term is ' Paint Brushes at the Ready.' The children have been learning all about colours, including mixing colours and learning about famous artists. If you would like to know more about what we have been learning about you can read out class curriculum leaflet.

We have been very busy in Holly class this term. We hope you enjoy looking at just a few of the fun and exciting learning activities we have taken part in. We have been learning all about the city that we live in in our Geography lessons. We visited lots of Liverpool landmarks.

We then built some of the famous landmarks we had seen on our trip.

Our PE sessions have been focused on developing our Gymnastic skills. We have been learning how to do forward rolls and balance on different equipment and parts of our bodies. We have also been learning the rules of simple games.

We have used the cookery room to enhance our learning in other curriculum areas. We have made kebabs with patterns which linked to Maths. We have also carried out science experiments linked to changing materials and mixing and seperating, as well as making Elmer biscuits linked to our story.