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Hand Class

Session Outline:

  1. Hand massage (to wake up your hands, your fingers, your thumbs, your wrist and your arms).


  1. Reach out and hold a tube to lift up and down.

- Use any tube that you can find in your house e.g. rolling pin, hoover tube, kitchen roll tube, golf club etc.

  • Encourage your child to reach out and grasp the tube.
  • Once they are holding them, say “I lift my stick up and up and up”, lifting the stick up in 3 stages. 
  • After the 3rd lift, say “I put my stick down and down and down”, lowering the stick in 3 stages.
  • Repeat this process x 3.            


3. Reach out and grasp a ring/ rope/ dressing gown belt (I.e. something to pass through your hands)

  • Sing (to the tune of “Mulberry Bush”) “This is the way we move the hoop (or rope etc), move the hoop, move the hoop, This is the way we move the hoop, on a (INSERT DAY) morning”.
  • While singing this, encourage your child to pass the hoop/ rope through their hands.
  • Repeat this process x 3.


4. Holding each other’s hands and letting go.

  • Encourage your child to reach out and grasp your hand.
  • Say “Hold my hand, let it go”.
  • When you say “let it go”, give your child lots of time to let go of your hand independently.
  • Repeat this process x 3.


5. Holding each other’s thumbs and letting go.

  • As Step 4 but offer your child your thumb to grasp rather than your whole hand.


6. Hold it, feel it, let it go.

  • Gather 4 objects from in your house and place them in a bag/ box. Make sure the objects are all very different (e.g. big/ small, soft/ hard, heavy/ light etc)
  • Encourage your child to reach into the box and choose an object.
  • Say hold it (encourage your child to hold the object), feel it (feel it with their hands e.g. squeeze it) and let it go (release the object). Repeat x 3.
  • Repeat for the remaining objects.


6. Shake hands with your child and say “Hand Class has finished”. Show finished symbol to end.

               - hold hands and shake to say goodbye.


Show the finished symbol to end the session.