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Hand Class

Hand class is a repetitive session that keeps the same structure and order weekly. Hand class sessions encourage and teach fine and gross motor skills with the aim to develop your child’s ability to play with and explore objects and toys. In School, some of the resources change on a termly basis so that they match up to the topic. Hand class sessions can help children to maintain movements they already have in their hands and encourage new skills such as holding and letting go. Hand class also gives opportunities for children to anticipate what is coming next through repetitive activities such as ‘hold my hand, let it go’. The following session has some ‘My Home’ themed resources to go with it.



See Individual Learning Plans for individualised activities to work towards targets



Wizard of Oz

  • Hand Massage – Massage wrists, back of hand, palm, down fingers. 
  • “Hold my hand, let it go” Hold onto the child’s hand firmly, feel for them tightening their grip trying to hold your hand.  Let it their hand go, allowing time for them to release their grip, supporting to release if needed.  Repeat.
  • “Lift the stick up up up, put the stick down down down.”  Hold onto the stick with 2 hands, lift it up and put it down. Look for the child trying to raise or lower their hands or arms.
  • “This is the way we turn the hoop, turn the hoop, turn the hoop. This is the way we turn the hoop, all day long” Hold onto the hoop with both hands, feel the hoop pass between hands. Look for the child releasing their grip on the hoop to let it turn in their hands.
  • Themed resources
  1. Dorothy’s basket (pick up and hold)
  2. Animal toy (stomp),
  3. Bowl and spoon (stir potion)
  4. Sun cream (squeeze bottle)
  5. Toy cat/ fur (stroke)
  6. Mirror (pick up to look in)
  • “Goodbye goodbye, it’s time to run. Good bye goodbye I hope you had good fun. I say goodbye, I’m happy that you came. I say goodbye, please come back, please come back, please come back again.” Wave at the child, support them to wave.  Feel for the child trying to make a waving movement. 
  • Shake hands with the child – feel for the child holding your hand and moving their arm. 
  • Show the finished symbol and end the session.


Massage Cream


Hoop/ ring/ dressing gown belt/ rope


Animal toy

Bowl and spoon

Sun cream

Toy cat/ fur





George’s Marvellous Medicine


Sheldon the Snail


Room on the Broom


Alice in Wonderland