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Halloween Week

Friday 20th October 2020

Chestnut class all dressed up for our Halloween fun day at school.

Monday 19th-Friday 23rd October 2020 

Check out our Halloween activities that we have been busy doing this week.

Today we had Halloween games all day and explored different surprises inside our pumpkins. As you can see all the children enjoyed the activities. 
We followed instructions to create a pumpkin using our cutting skills and fine motor skills. 
In numeracy we had a fun game to play, we rolled the dice and had to match it with the body parts. We all enjoyed the puzzle.
On Thursday we went pumpkin picking on the adventure playground. Each child was able to find their own pumpkin and bring it back to chestnut class for us all to see. As you can see we had lots of fun outside. 
When we got back to class we explored our pumpkins. By touching the outside and then getting help from our adults to cut our pumpkins open and spoon out the middle. This was sensory exploration, some of our children don’t like to touch wet things this was a adult led activity to help us explore different textures and smells. Some of us liked it, some disliked it. 
We then smashed up our pumpkins into the tray to break them into small pieces so we could do pumpkin painting with them.