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good morning

1080p HD "Good Morning" - Singin' in the Rain (1952)

Good morning is played on arrival for children entering the class room.

Hello song


We begin our morning by singing 'hello' to each other.

Start by saying hello to your child, encourage them to greet you either with a wave or verbally hello :)

Then use a mirror to show the child themselves and we sine "hello (childs name), hello (childs name),hello (childs name) it's nice to see you here"

bring yourself into the reflection of the mirror with your child, with you standing next to them, can they point to who is who ? "look it's ...!" 


Our emotions


We go over our emotions each morning to help us recognise what these might look like and what we could do when we feel this way.

show your child the visual of the emotion, and show this emotion on your face - can they copy and show this emotion?

When we are happy we might smile :) When we are excited we might dance!

When we are sad we might cry, sometimes a hug will help us feel better.

When we are angry we need to take our deep breathes, blowing bubbles helps!