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Wet & Dry

This term we are learning about wet and dry. We have been exploring how and why we can make things wet and finding ways to make them dry again. We are also going to be finding out how we can keep things dry. 

Op & Bob Wet and Dry Cartoon

Watch this great Cartoon about Op and Bob exploring what it is like to be wet and dry.

Wet and Dry | Lili & Torto's Opposite Show

A lovely story looking at the difference between wet and dry

Remembrance Day on the 11thday of the 11th month, 11.11.20. It is important that we keep remembering this day in history.

Perhaps you might like to explore this cbeebies ‘Poppies’ video with your child.

Autumn Challenge

Could you go for a little walk together to try and collect as many different coloured leaves as you can find.

What colour leaves did you find?  What do they feel like?

You could use them to make an Autumn collage like one of these-