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Fine Motor Skills

Princer grip practice.

Let's build the dinosaurs!

Pincer grip practice.

Valentine's Day fine motor love hearts

What's in the doctors bag? Cutting task

Index finger mark making game. Who made the letters or shapes first?!

Quick. The Evil peas from the story need to be in jail! HELP

Chestnut class police school - you are under arrest!

The evil children of chestnut class are capturing supertato and tying him up AND EVEN HAVE TIME TO PRACTISE FINE MOTOR SKILLS....!

Getting those fingers ready for writing.

A chocolate drop and a tooth pick. The race is on!

Who can roll the most balls

Hanging all the clothes up

Finger paint disco!

Peer massage. Using our fingers to massage the friend sat in front of us!

The threading race is on...

Can you put a rice crispy inside a cheerio?!