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Hello and welcome to Elm Class!



This class page will fill you in on everything we have been getting up to at Millstead school - but be prepared WE ARE VERY BUSY!  In Elm class we have 11 boys; Jaydem, Zac, Muhammed, Hakeem, Max, Ellis, Alex, Harry, Remario, Harley and Matthew. We keep our 5 staff members on their toes!

Lizzie is our class teacher and she works together with Michelle, Jackie, Katy and Louise to help us achieve all of our goals, become more independent, explore the local community and to support our access to the curriculum.


Make sure you keep checking our page to see what we have been getting up to!

12th July - The final few weeks.. :(


We can not believe that there are only a couple of weeks left till the end of the school year. What a fantastic year it has been! We have been spending this week making our own Elm Class books about all our favourite things!

Perfect end to our little holiday.

Early morning races in the sand!

Let’s finish off the day in style!

Being tourists!

Well deserved chips and juice

Swimming and soft play. Perfect afternoon!

We’ve arrived and it’s time to explore!

Caravan round 2.. and we are off!

A perfect way to end - go karting!

Now for bikes and ice creams!

First stop. Sand dunes races!

Breakfast and cuddles before another busy day!

Ending a perfect day in the arcade!

A refreshing drink and some chips after a hard afternoon of swimming!

Sun is shining so it’s time to hit the outdoor pool!

First stop. Being tourists!

We have arrived and are loving the sunshine!

And we are off....

Caravan trip!


Millstead school are lucky enough to have access to two caravans at Presthaven Sands and it’s OUR TURN! 


5 boys are going Wednesday the 3rd July for one night, and another 5 boys are going on Monday 8th July. 


Keep checking the website for all our holiday snaps! 

1st July - Sports week!


This week at Millstead it is SPORTS WEEK!!!! It is a fantastic week where all classes take part in lots of fun games and sporting events.


Each class represents a different sport... and we are the Elm Class hockey team!!! Check out our kits below :)

26th June - Thanksgiving celebrations


Today we travelled to America. We found out all about Walt Disney, discussed our favourite Disney film, talked about all the things we were thankful for and the best bit of all.... Made our very own mini cheesecake :)


They were delicious :)

20th June - Bike Right


Elm Class have been very lucky this week, they have been taking part in a bike ability course at school. They have been practicing how to ride a 2 wheeler bike or using the balance bikes.


Some of the boys even managed to go out onto the pavement to work on road safety! What a fantastic day. :)

18th June - Adjectives!


In Literacy this week we have been learning all about adjectives. What better way to start than describing Michelle! She has scary, long arms and wiggly, soft ears! :)

11th June - Magic Science


In Science we are doing lots of different science experiments. Before we start we all make a prediction about what will happen, and then we write down our results! We have been guessing correctly!


Today was super fun - we made an explosion!!! Check out the video below :)


Still image for this video

Today Elm Class had the whole world in their hands!

11 Elm class magicians ready to put a spell on YOU!

5th June - First day back!


It was our first day back and we couldn't wait to see what Lizzie has got in store for us this term! It was straight into Literacy in the morning, we all got on the floor to have a big  group chat about MAGIC!! We came up with some great ideas and got really excited about the term!


In the afternoon we went off to the park to see if we could find our very own magic wands, we had so much fun putting spells on each other!


A perfect way to explore our new topic of magic... on our magic carpet!

Summer Term 2


Abracadabra!! For our last term our topic is 'MAGIC'. We will be learning all about different magic tricks, doing our own experiments and travelling around the world on our very own magic carpet to look at different magic films, famous magicians and entering the world of Harry Potter!


Here is a look at what we will be learning…

Literacy – Information and instruction texts, spells and potions, Disney books.

Numeracy – Data handling, calculations, number, money, symmetry and patterns.

Design and Technology – Designing and constructing equipment for our own magic show 

Art –  

Science – Getting messy doing experiments! 

History – Fact files of magicians from all over the world

RE – recycling

PE – Story circuit

Music – 

ICT – Manipulating Beebots and saving and retrieving work

Cookery – 

Swimming – Pool safety and independence around hygiene, increased confidence in the pool

Yoga – Following instructions and developing relaxation strategies 

21st May - Crosby Marina


In Elm class over the last year we have been really concentrating on playing nicely together and taking turns. Lizzie took this video without us even knowing and she couldn't be happier at how we were all playing nicely together and having so much fun!


Turn taking.

Still image for this video

14th May - Pirates on an adventure.


What perfect weather for our morning exploring at Crosby Beach. Lizzie read us a pirate story before we set off on the search for buried treasure! Oooohhh aawwwwwwww!




8th May - Next stop JAMAICA!!!


This week we have explore Jamaica! We have had so much fun trying to run as fast as Usain Bolt! He is the fastest man in the world and is from Jamaica.


We enjoyed listening to Bob Marley while we looked at the music, food and culture of Jamaica. What a great week!

2nd May - Our new Greek friend Anastasis.


We had a visitor into our class today, his name was Anastasis. He is from Greece. We had so much fun asking him lots of questions about his country, telling him all of the things we have learnt and practising our Greek words.


He even helped us to spell our own names in Greek! Thank you so much for visiting us! :) 

Check out our new class board!! This is to help all our staff to write down all the incredible things we do during the school day...

1st May - Next stop GREECE!!!


Today we explored Greece! We listened to Greek music and practiced our Zorba dance. We tasted lots of yummy Greek food and made it into a delicious Greek salad. No one liked the olives though!

 We even followed the traditional  celebrations by smashing plates (they were paper plates, but shhh dont tell anyone!!).


What a lovely day. Now back on the pirate ship to see what country we are visiting next week.....

29th April. A pirate story book and we got to be the characters!

Still image for this video

25th April - First stop INDIA!!!


Today we explored India! We listened to Bollywood music, tasted lots of yummy Indian food, we smelt some different spices and tried on traditional Indian clothes.


What a lovely day. Now back on the pirate ship to see what country we are visiting next week.....



All dressed and ready to set sail on this terms adventures.... LET'S GO!!!!

Ahoy matey!! What a perfect first day; brushing up on our pirate voices and trying on our pirate costumes! :)

Summer Term 1


Ahoy mateys! This term our topic is 'A pirate adventure'. We will be learning all about different Pirates throughout history, what they do out at sea and all the amazing treasures that they find!


Here is a look at what we will be learning…

Literacy – Information and instruction texts, 10 little pirates and pirates love underpants.

Numeracy – Data handling, calculations, number, money, symmetry and patterns.

Design and Technology – Designing and constructing a pirate ship 

Art – Creating sunsets and landscapes

Science – Habitats

Georgraphy – Life on an island

RE – Pirate codes/ rules to live by/ cultures

PE – Story circuit

Music – Exploring music from different countries

ICT – Manipulating Beebots and saving and retrieving work

Cookery – Exploring foods from different cultures

Swimming – Pool safety and independence around hygiene

Yoga – Following instructions and developing relaxation strategies



We can't wait to get started!!!!! Especially if it stays nice and sunny :)

Today we joined Cedar class to make a robot tune like Rusty the robot did in the book. What a perfect way to end our robot themed term!!

Still image for this video

You wouldn't believe what happened today at school....





..he popped in to see how the LFC foundation works with our school and played lots of different games with us. He even gave us our own Liverpool footballs to take home. What a great morning!



(Make sure you check out LFC TV to see if we made it)

2/04/19 - In Literacy this week we are working on our speaking and listening skills.


We are reading the book 'Rusty the Squeaky Robot' which is about a Robot who is sad because he squeaks. He meets lots of robots on his journey who make lots of different sounds. They all play their different sounds to make a Robot tune and Rusty isn't sad anymore.



Today we got to explore lots of musical instruments to make different robot sounds. All our staff need a rest tonight(!!), with all the noise that we made, but we had lots of fun!!

We love when the sun comes out and we can continue our numeracy lessons outside!! This week we have been looking at patterns, we have been continuing patterns.. and even creating our own!



Today we were lucky enough to go to Anfield for a Football based literacy workshop. We discussed all our subjects at school and learnt lots of information about how footballers have to make time to do lots of work as well as run around on a pitch!

We then got to design our own football robots.. it was super fun!


We even got to meet the Liverpool Football Club mascot!



It's Lizzie's birthday today and because she is the best teacher in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD, she let us have a 5 minute dance party in the pool! We had to make sure we followed all instructions during our swimming lesson and that we tried really hard on our lengths. All 11 of us boys are now able to swim 4 lengths of the pool, on both our front and backs! 9 of us don't even need our armbands anymore. Lizzie is so proud of us all!

Our book for the next 2 weeks is 'Rusty the Squeaky Robot" and we love it already!

And here he is.... What you have all been waiting for.... THE ELM CLASS ROBOT!!

19.03.19 Swimming

Still image for this video
Today we were practising our handwriting skills.... IN THE SWIMMING POOL!!!!!!

Our Shine therapist Maeve says


"This fun arm and shoulder exercise works on our shoulder strength and stability. Working on strengthening our shoulders will help keep our writing neat!!

If our shoulders are stable, it will be easier to control the small muscles in our hands and fingers"


So lets splash more!! :)

Today Elm Class turned into a Robot Factory!!!!


We spent the morning sorting out all the materials that we have been collecting, and painting them for the big build this week!


We are so excited for what our class robot is going to look like!


Some of our teachers even managed to teach us about propositions and directions without us even knowing!! haha. :)


Make sure you keep watching to see what happens......

World Book Day in Elm Class. Even Gangsta Granny came to visit...



What better way to celebrate pancake day then with our friends from Hope University. Gabriella, Catilin and Niamh are studying drama, and we are lucky enough to have them visit us in our class on a Wednesday afternoon to read stories and engage in role play.


This week we read "The tiger who came to tea" and then we got to use our money to buy cakes and pancakes in the Elm class café.


What a lovely afternoon :)



For world book day we are reading a book called..




Any excuse for us boys to pretend like superheros!!!


We spent the morning at the library; reading the book and exploring different superhero books we could find! The Liverpool Central library is a great place for us to read quietly and explore!

In numeracy for the next two weeks, we are going to learn about capacity. What better way to be introduced to this topic then ..




We had so much fun filling the jugs with water, looking at measurements and splashing our staff!

Week starting 25/02/19

What an amazing first day back at Millstead School. Was lovely to see all our friends again, but you wouldn't believe what happened over the half term...




So we spent the morning at Hale park searching for all the robot parts and fixing them. We had so much fun :)



Spring Term 2


Greeting humans! This term our topic is 'Robot wars'. We will be learning all about different Robots throughout history, why we use robots to help us with some jobs and watching clips of films with robots in. Hopefully we will get to try and make our very own robot too!!


Here is a look at what we will be learning…

Literacy – Information and instruction texts, No Bots The Robot with No Bottom and Rusty the Squeaky Robot.

Numeracy – Calculations, direction and movement, angles, symmetry and patterns.

Design and Technology – Designing and constructing a robot

Art – Adding detail to robots

Science – Electricity

History – Robot films

RE – Easter and supporting our local community

PE – Story circuit

Music – Creating different style voices using Ipas apps

ICT – Manipulating Beebots and saving and retrieving work

Cookery – Chopping and cutting skills and using robot like kitchen equipment

Swimming – Pool safety and independence around hygiene

Yoga – Following instructions and developing relaxation strategies

14th February - Valentines day


heart Love is in the air today in Elm Class today heart 


We have been following instructions in Literacy to make our very own Valentines Day cards for all the people that we love. We can't wait for the Valentines disco tomorrow where we can show everyone all our dance moves and wear our own clothes!





We are so excited to announce that we have a new boy in our class!!

He is called Harley and he has come from Redwood class. He was so sensible on his first day with us and we can't wait for him to join in with all the fun things we do! 

This is Harley :)

Week starting 4/02/19


In art we have been learning all about different Italian artists. We decided as a class that our favourite has to be Leonardo Da Vinci! We really liked his long beard and his artwork is great.  Look below to see our own versions of the Mona Lisa, we even dressed up just like her!


What better way to end this topic with a trip to the Walker Art Gallery to see the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition 'A life in drawing'. We were on our best behaviour and stayed really quiet as we walked around looking at the different paintings. It was great fun!

When a Pilot visited Millstead school

Week starting 28/01/19. 

We have been concentrating on speaking and listening during literacy this week.

We found out that John the Pilot was free to come in and speak to us on Friday, so we spent the whole week learning all about his job, making our own pilot ID cards and preparing questions to ask him.


It was so amazing that he came in to see us. He had his full uniform on and taught us all about the different countries he travels to. He even told us he isn't scared of being so high up in the clouds!!


We all spoke loud and clearly and everyone was really proud of our confidence :)

Everton in the Community

Still image for this video
Elm class love when Jess and the Everton in the Community Team come in and do PE and games with us. We love a run around in the sports hall!

New week, new careers.. We are the Elm Class pilots!

Spring Term 1


Ciao! This term our topic is 'Italy'. We will be learning all about the country; the famous landmarks, some Italian words, and all about the best football teams in the world. Hopefully we will get to try lots of tasty Italian food too!!


Here is a look at what we will be learning…
Literacy – Fact files and retrieving information

Numeracy – Number sequencing and quantities, time, capacity and handling data

Design and Technology – designing and making puppets

Geography – Famous Italian landmarks and places

History – Football and food

Science – Using light to create shadows

PE – Gymnastics

RE – The Popes role

Music – Using food (pasta and peas) to create musical instruments and sounds

Cookery –  types of pizza and pasta

Swimming – Pool safety and independence in the water

Yoga – Locating equipment and setting up independently

Mammaaaa Miiaaaaaaa... We are Italian waiters!

Numeracy - Number


We love a bit of competition in Elm Class, so it is always fun to be the first one to find the numbers on the number square!

Autumn Term 2

This term our topic is ‘The Jolly Postman’. We will be learning all about the job of a postman, helping the office staff out at school, and exploring different types of letters. We will even get the opportunity to write and post our own letters!


Here is a look at what we will be learning…

Literacy – The Jolly Postman, Alternative fairy tales, The Jolly Christmas Postman, letters to Santa and instructions

Numeracy – Calculations, shapes, number sequencing and time

Design and Technology – Building a post box and Santa’s sleigh

History – Modes of transport through time

Science – Forces

PE – Obstacles and Dance (With Everton in the Community)

RE – Diwali, special gifts and the Christmas story

Music – Making soundscapes and sounds in different environments

Cookery – Postman’s lunch

Swimming – Pool safety and independence in the water

Yoga – Calming ourselves and following instructions

A day in the life of a postman..

Autumn Term 1


This term our topic is 'Brushes at the ready!'. We will be learning all about different artists from around the world, exploring their own personal styles and the materials that they use.


Here is a look at what we will be learning..

Literacy – Elmer, Monsters love Colour and Our Favourite Things

Numeracy – Money, Time, Length, Number and Sequencing

Art – Drawing and painting in the style of Jessica Arrowsmith Stanley, Jackson Pollock, Kandinsky, Picasso and Van Gogh

Geography – Map skills, looking at the hometowns of famous artists and contrasting localities

Science – Changing and separating materials

PE – Athletics and Dance (With Everton in the Community)

RE – Rules and actions

Music – National Anthems and music from different countries

Cookery – Famous foods from Artist countries.

Swimming – Pool safety and independence in the water

Yoga – Calming ourselves and following instructions

Science - Materials


In Science we have been looking at different objects and what materials they are made out of. We had fun at the park trying to figure out what all the equipment was made from.. and having fun on the swings!

Working hard at the park!

Elm class on a mission!

Still image for this video
In Elm class we decided we wanted to get some pets for our classroom. Lets explore and see what we can find..

Independence skills


Each member of Elm class now has their own African Snail to look after.

We are hoping that the boys will take the responsibility very seriously and look after their own snail, ensuring they have enough food and water to keep them alive. 'Malcolm', 'Bobby' and 'line leader' are a few of their names!

Let me introduce our new Elm class pets, 10 African Snails!

We are the Elm class boys :)