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Educational Visits

Liverpool Maritime Museum 


This morning we went to the Maritime Museum to continue our topic of Africa. We explored African culture, masks and traditional villages. 


What animals can we find?!


Today we went to explore the Liverpool Museum in the search of different animals! We used our check lists to mark each animal off, and couldn't wait to show our friends in different classes when we got back!


We loved the fish tanks!

Spring Term 2: Africa


Please have a look at what we will be getting up to this term :)


Educational Visits - Safari - finding different animals around our city!

Superheroes for the last time!


What a fantastic way to end our superhero term by going to the park and pretending to be superheroes for the last time!

We got our masks and capes on and set off on our park adventure. We jumped super high and played on all the equipment. 

We had a great morning!

Chestnut class are nurses for the morning


What a fantastic morning at Alder Hey hospital. We met some kind nurses and a lovely manager called Siobhan who showed us all the equipment they use to keep people safe and make them feel better. Some of us even got bandages on our arms and head! We had so much fun :)


We got to bring some resources back to school and we can't wait to make our classroom into a hospital! So make sure you check out all our work this week!


Special thanks to Siobhan Jones, the Assistant Service Manager, for liaising with school and making this event happen.

Also to:

Kelly Black - Surgical Matron

Kate Thompson - Urology Nurse Specialist

Ann Birmingham - Operational Manager 

The lifeboat centre 


What a lovely morning at the RNLI in New Brighton. We spoke to the volunteers who told us all about how hard they work to protect everyone near the sea. 

We got to colour in some colouring sheets, try on the uniform and even sit in the boat! The lifeguards and boat drivers are so brave! :)

A morning at the fire station!


As we have been learning about real life superheroes, today we went to visit a fire station to meet some fire fighters and learn about the amazing job they do. We had so much fun trying on their uniforms, sitting up high in the fire engines and best of all, trying out the fire hoses!

Spring Term 1: Superheros


Please have a look at what we will be getting up to this term on our educational visits :)


Educational Visits - Real life superheroes - police station, fire station, hospitals


BUT FIRST..... we went to the park to practise our superhero moves!! We had a fantastic morning trying on the different masks and capes and flying around making up different powers.



McDonalds - Numeracy in the community


During our educational visits we like to take our learning from the classroom and put it into practice in the local community.

In our class we have a ‘Chestnut café’ that opens every morning for everyone to buy their snack. Our staff help us read the menus and find the correct coins to use, but we have been really practising our speaking when we order.


Today we got to go into McDonalds and order our own food. It was so fun… and delicious!  

A Christmas trip to Dobbies

Trip to Smyths

Once back, we like to rate our locations out of 5!

A trip to Pets at Home to see what our pets would need

Taking our poorly animals to the vets