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Educational Visits

Each week on a Friday morning we are going to be going out of school on an educational visit.  This gives us the opportunity to develop our independent living skills, explore our community, and learn how to stay safe when we are outside of school.

Friday 29th Ocotber 2017


Today we took our shopping list to Asda and bought some things we needed for class.  After that, we went to the park and had lots of fun using the equipment.  We had snack in the park before heading back to school. 


Below are some photographs of us having a great time in the park. 

'Our visit to the park'

Chestnut Class enjoy visiting Sainsburies Cafe. 

We walk to Sainsbures from school and have a look around the shop finding things on our shopping list. We then enjoy having toast and juice in the cafe. Everyone behaves really well and waits for their snack to arrive.