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As the Easter break draws nearer Chestnut Class have been getting very excited about the Easter Holidays and a potential visit from the Easter Bunny! 

This week we've been taking part in lots of fun Easter activities! 


At Sensory Story time we listened to the story about how The Easter Bunny came about. It was a tale all about how an old couple used to make eggs for the children in their village whilst their bunny watched. Until one day the old couple fall asleep and don't wake up in time to deliver the eggs to the children. Luckily their bunny decides to deliver the eggs to all the children. Chestnut Class were brilliant in taking it in turns to act out different parts of the story and wait their turn for the Easter Bunny to deliver them an egg!

We took part in the annual Easter Bake Off. A whole school competition to make the best Easter Bake! Chestnut Class came back with a prize for best team effort. Well Done Team!!!