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We followed instructions to make our own post boxes :)
We followed instructions to make rockets. We loved flying them around the classroom once they were complete.

Before we start our Jolly Postman story.... IT'S BONFIRE WEEK!!!!!! We are going to have a fun week making fireworks, bonfires and exploring different art materials. 



Our first creative task was to make handprint bonfires! We had to paint our hands orange, and rip brown paper to make the logs. It got a little messy!

Autumn Term 1 - 'The Jolly Postman'.
Our classroom is being transformed into a post office to help the postman with his jobs. We have our own post van to decorate, our own post boxes to make and lots of letters to write!
Lots of spooky crafts have been created this week. The boys loved wrapping themselves and staff up in toilet roll and walking around like mummies. They then enjoyed creating their own mummies choosing their faces and cutting and sticking masking tape onto their cards.
Autumn Term 1 - 'Who put the colours in the rainbow?'.

We have been using lots of different materials and tools to make our display as colourful as possible. 


We love using paint brushes and sponges and have been learning all about how to mix colours to make different colours. Did you know that yellow and red make orange? :)

It is monster making week in Rowan Class this week!! We have been raiding the recycling bins and have lots of boxes and materials to use!


Keep posted to see what has been happening so far :)