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Our African Safari back drop


A new project for the chestnut gang, and another way to practise our big brush strokes with paint. We spent the morning taking it in turns to paint the back drop. We wanted yellow for the sun and orange for the sand.


Make sure you keep checking in to see how it looks over the next 4 weeks :)

African drums in Chestnut class


We have been listening to lots of African music in class this term and we decided that we wanted to join in, so we have spent the last two days making our very own African drums. 


We used different bottles and boxes, filled them with rice and then decorated them nice and bright. We focused on using big brush strokes to cover the whole bottles with glue, enabling us to stick the brightly coloured paper on. 

Second round


Now the paint is dry, it's time to use white paint to decorate the faces of our masks. We let our imagination run wild and are so happy with our finished masks!

African masks


After our morning at the Maritime museum, we enjoyed making our own African masks. We painted them and were allowed to choose all our own different coloured feathers for the decorations.


More Safari preparation!


Binoculars made. Now time for our Safari lanyards. We had to find the photo of ourselves and draw our favourite animals. 

We will wear this around our necks tomorrow so everyone knows who we are!

Safari preparation!


How can you go on safari if you haven't got binoculars?! Today we made our very own binoculars. We use masking tape to stick the toilet rolls together and then painted them ourselves, all ready for our African Safari tomorrow! 

Spring Term 2: Africa


Please have a look at what we will be getting up to this term :)


Creative - Continuing to improve our brush stoke techniques when painting, creating silhouettes, animal print painting, making life-size animals and making animal masks


Another week, another real life superhero


After our lovely morning at Alder Hey hospital learning all about the work nurses do, we have decided to change our classroom into a hospital. First step, making our own  personalised nurses and doctor badges!

An Army officer needs a hat!


As scissor skills are our creative focus this term, we practised these by cutting out different camouflage coloured materials to make a hat! We enjoyed watching staff blow up the balloons, then we carefully stuck all the materials to it. Once they were dry we got to pop the balloon and march around in our new hats! 

Oh no, the life boat is sinking!


Today our little class life boat started to sink and it went into the big blue sea. All of chestnut class enjoyed drawing mystical creatures and sea life. We even drew Lizzie as a mermaid!

Snip,snip, snip.


Today we have been practising our cutting skills!

Superhero school 


Today we got to decorate our own masks and boots to put on pictures of ourselves. Now we can start our superhero school training!

Chestnut class are superheroes 


Our first creative task was to make our own Chestnut Class cape. We all got to paint our own little designs on the material and write our names. This will be on the wall this term for everyone to see. :)

Creative arts


This term we will be focusing on colouring in using crayons, painting and cutting. The development of these fine motor skills will also help with letter formation during literacy.