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Creative Activities Summer 2 2017


As part of our 'Food Glorious Food' topic, we have been using a wide range of creative materials to create food themed artwork. As part of our 'Hungry Caterpillar' story we have used paint and balloons to make prints to create a 'hungry caterpillar'.


We have also used chopped vegetables in paint to make vegetable prints out of sweetcorn, broccoli and potatoes. We enjoyed choosing different colours and handling the vegetables ourselves to make the prints.


Our cookery lessons have involved making each child's favourite dish. So far we have made ice cream with different toppings (Alishba), fish fingers (Alfie), toast with different toppings (Bobby) and porridge (Mateusz). The children have all been working on following instructions and using visual recipes during these sessions and they have become much more independent as the weeks have gone on.

Creative Activities Summer 1 2017

Our new topic is 'Down at the bottom of the Garden' so our art and cookery sessions are going to be focused around making artwork linked to the garden, such as flowers and minibeasts. All of our beautiful artwork will be displayed on our classroom garden wall. During our art sessions we will be working on using different tools and materials more independently. We have already been very busy and have made butterflies using toilet rolls, glitter and paint and snail pictures using tissue paper.

We are going to be making foods associated with the garden such as butterfly cakes, ladybird pizzas and mud pie! Last week in cookery we worked hard to use  a visual recipe to help us to make our pizza independently.  

Creative Activities Spring 2 2017

This term our topic is 'Down in the Jungle'. We have been using the animals of the jungle as the inspiration for some amazing artwork. We have enjoyed sensory art sessions during which we have created lion face pictures using paint and toothbrushes. We were able to practice imitating the adult's action of using the brush to swipe the paint across the page. We have also enjoyed using shaving foam and paint to create tiger and zebra prints which I'm sure you will agree look fabulous on our art display wall.


We have also been using the fruits of the jungle as the inspiration for our sensory cookery sessions. So far we have made jungle fruit smoothies - we chose our own fruit and we practiced operating the blender independently to mix our fruit together. We have also enjoyed creating dipped bananas - using chocolate and sprinkles to cover them. We also enjoyed making pancakes on Shrove Tuesday.

Creative Activities Spring 1 2017


Acorn class have been very busy creating some artistic masterpieces linked to our topic of dinosaurs. We have been practicing our scissor skills and our ability to use art tools and utensils independently during these sessions. We have made some handprint dinosaurs using paint and we have used paint to create silhouette dinosaur pictures.


During our design and technology sessions we have used papier mache to create dinosaur eggs. The children were really good at copying the sequence of dipping the paper in the glue and then sticking it to the balloons. We also enjoyed using salt dough to create dinosaur fossil stamps.


During our cookery sessions we have used dinosaur shape cutters to make tasty dinosaur biscuits. We have also enjoyed melting chocolate to make dinosaur nests. The children enjoy exploring all of the ingredients using all of their senses - especially having a taste!


Our weekly music session is delivered by our music teacher, Amanda who gives each child their individual session to explore different instruments and play along to familiar songs. The children are working on their turn taking and social interaction targets during these sessions.



Music Sessions

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Music Sessions

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Music Sessions

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