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Toilet roll alien


You will need:

1 x toilet roll tube 

Googly eyes (or cut 2 circles of white paper and draw a black dot in the middle)

Pipe cleaners or straws for arms


Paint or coloured pens/pencils/crayons 

Other decorations (foil, glitter, stickers, pasta - the weirder the better!)


1.  Either paint or colour the outside of your toilet roll tube. 


2. Cover with glue and decorate with glitter, foil, tissue paper, stickers, anything you like!


3. Cut a pipe cleaner or a straw in two .


4. Sellotape the pipe cleaner/straws onto either side of the toilet roll for arms.


5. Stick on your googly eye.


Ta Da!

But Martin Collage


You will need:



Newspapers and magazines

A plain piece of paper

Black pen


1. Draw a big circle on your plain piece of paper. 


2. Help your child find green pictures/pages in magazines and tear or cut these out.


3. Cut the green into smaller pieces.


4. Stick down the green paper onto the circle you drew, overlapping the pieces so there is no white gaps.


5. Once it's dry, use your black pen to draw Martin's eyes and his two hairs!